Lucifer S3 Ep 5 – Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards – Review

By: Alyson Bailey
Charlotte fox loopholes Lucifer

As the title of the episode implies, this one is all about Charlotte and her adjustment to being back. Before her body was taken over by Lucifer’s “mum”, she was a cutthroat lawyer who was good at finding loopholes.

The murder this week happens at a pudding factory. Pudding Plus has a claim that they have the most protein in their pudding. The food chemist, Simon, who came up with the secret recipe is found dead in a vat of pudding, it’s pretty hideous. This pudding seems to be Dan’s favorite and he has a stash of them in the office refrigerator. The owner of the company shows up with his lawyer and to everyone’s shock, it’s Charlotte Richards!

I feel bad for her, never thought I’d say that! She is so confused and a little scared that she’s losing her mind, she doesn’t remember months worth of time, but everyone acts as though she was there all along. Things have changed in her life and she doesn’t quite understand why.

Dan is very upset with her because she is acting as though she doesn’t know who he is. She doesn’t acknowledge him and dismisses him because she actually doesn’t know who he is. Lucifer also seems to know her as does Chloe, and she has no recollection of them. It will be fun to see what happens when she sees Amenadiel for the first time.

The way Lucifer is looking at, and seems interested in Charlotte, she begins to think that maybe she and he had a thing for each other. She is waiting for him in his penthouse when he gets home and kisses him. He is horrified, kissing his mom?! No, just no! Of course she doesn’t know that she was his mother for awhile. There are so many crazy things that the writers can do with the two of them together, it will be interesting to see.

After she understands that there is nothing between them and there won’t be anything between them, she opens up to Lucifer about her problems. Charlotte has lost custody of her kids and has been denied visitation. This on its own could bring a mother down, but she has more problems. She tells Lucifer that it is like someone else was living her life and ruining it. Little does she know, that is exactly what happened! She came back to herself to find that her work, her relationships, and her family have all been negatively affected, and she has a strange scar on her stomach.

Charlotte feels like she is going crazy, she’s pretending she knows what’s going on and it is taking a toll on her. Lucifer is uncharacteristically helpful and understanding towards her and says to her, “You’re just an innocent caught up in a game not of your own”, she doesn’t feel like an innocent, but she feels that she is not a bad person. Charlotte tells him that during the time “mum” was in her body, she felt like she was caught in a horrible nightmare, living it over and over. It felt like hell. Poor Charlotte is terrified of going back and is desperate to do whatever it takes to never go back. He tells her “This is your second chance, avoid doing devious and dastardly things from now on”. So she sets off in her panic to try to fix her current wrongs.

As the lawyer representing the pudding company, and its competitor (who was in the process of merging with Pudding Plus), she feels like she is an accomplice in their wrongdoings, and turns the thumb drive with the video of Simon’s death, over to Chloe. Once she realizes this, she decides to confront them to get them to confess to the murder. She holds them at gunpoint and seems pretty unhinged. Lucifer shows up and tries to calm her down, but even if they didn’t kill Simon, they knowingly made the pudding that would be poisoning everyone who eats it. She says she spent her career finding loopholes and if you’re guilty then you’re guilty.

Later she asks Lucifer what she was like during the time she cannot remember.He tells her that she was an handful, intense, jealous, with hair trigger emotions, and prone to cosmically epic mistakes. Then he admits that her actions came from a place of love and he will miss her. It’s a bit of a revelation for Lucifer.

So, it’s welcome back Charlotte Richards, it will be fun to see how your relationship with everyone will develop.


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