The Magicians — Season 3 — First Look — Cast Announcement

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Fans of Fillory got a double surprise announcement this evening with Season 3 news!  The Nerdist brought us a first look at a brand new cast member for The Magicians in season 3. Plus we got 3 small teaser clips and some new photos! Let’s start with the newest cast member to this fantastic show. Book readers will be quite familiar (and pleased) with the newest edition to our lovable crew, Poppy! Poppy is a Dragonologist, best job ever in my opinion, who the gang discovers in Fillory. She’s also a postgraduate of Breakbills and as any good Magician would, decides she must help the others restore magic to both lands.

Image Credit: Eric Milner/Syfy

“I am thrilled to join The Magicians this season. The show is one of my favorites, the cast is incredible to work with, and showrunner, Sera Gamble, is one of my Hollywood heroes. I can’t wait for fans to meet Poppy!” – Felicia Day

But that’s not all the Season 3 information for today. We’ve got 11 brand new images of Season 3 to obsess over while we wait for the show to return to our screens! By the looks of these images, magic is still gone from both Fillory and Earth. With the help of Poppy our rag tag team of millennial magicians is trying to remedy that. Take a look below for the newest images from Syfy, then keeping scrolling to feast your eyes on three special very short teaser clips of the upcoming season.

New Promo Photos

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Alice seems to be having a rough time of it with no magic in her life.

Quentin and Julia have teamed up to try and recreate the spark of magic Julia experienced at the end of season two, but not with much luck.

While Eliot and Margo try and figure out how to rule Fillory without magic. 

What do you think about Felicia Day as Poppy? What are you most excited for in Season 3? The Magicians will be back in January, 2018!

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