Outlander: Cesar Domboy and Lauren Lyle Do a Post-Wedding Q and A

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Following their epic wedding in Episode 311, Uncharted, Lauren Lyle (Marsali) and César Domboy (Fergus) did a joint Twitter Q&A on Monday afternoon!

Q Who’s the funniest between you two?
Cesar: Her by KO
Lauren: We are both HILARIOUS.

Q Describe Fergus in one word.
C Engaged.

Q Was it difficult to find your place among the Outlander cast?
L I felt very welcome and allowed to carve my own place in the family unit.

Q How does Caitriona Balfe inspire you?
C In every way, she’s a queen! 

Q What’s the thing you like the most about Fersali’s relationship?
C They live in the same period!

Q What has been your favorite thing about filming in Scotland?
A The locations, the crew and Scotland itself milady.

Q What was your favorite thing about working with Cesar in Season 3?
L We pretty much laugh all the time.

Q Did Cesar teach you a bit of French?
C Mission adjourned

Q Favorite Marsali lines so far??
C “What’s a eunuch?”

Q Did you guys have Mr. Willoughby’s turtle soup too?
A No way Jose

Q The realisation that Fergus  Marsali  because she “speaks her mind” like Milady Claire (laugh til you cry emoji)


Q What did you like most about filming in South Africa?
C The locations but mostly the part we had to play!
L Wine, sun and our incredible crew!

Q Are you guys in the same place? If so please take a selfie and show to us.
C I’m in Paris now! Where are you, Lauren?
L In your heart am I riiiight?

Q Did you ever imagine you would have your own fan club?
C Never ever ever ♥ (note: On FB, the group is Cesar’s Cheries)

Q One favorite thing about one another?
C She’s ma bro!

Q As new young actors, how is it like to be a part of Outlander and get to work with amazing cast like Caitriona and Sam?
C It’s great, super thrilling of course because my amazing partners but also because I love being Fergus time to time.

Q If you could give Fergus and Marsali one piece of advice what would it be?
C No checking of each other’s phones!

Q How is it working with Caitriona? She’s so adorable, like we all think she is?
C The best

Q Were you moved in this scene? Personally I cried to the “Fergus Claudel Fraser.”
C Seriously I found it too beautiful. I wanted it to be funny and light, but not between Fergus and Jamie. What is happening in silence was too important and beautiful to play. (Q and A both translated from French)

Q Did you know about Outlander’s huge fan base before you started?
C Now I know.

Q Were you a little bit afraid of how people would react towards your character sine she’s Laoghaire’s daughter, one of the most hated characters of Outlander?
L I was excited to see everyone’s reaction and to prove how loyal and fierce Marsali is.

Q Have you ever not agreed with Fergus’ choices and want to play it differently?
C Never!

Q (to Lauren) Have you learned some French from Cesar?
C Not a word.
L Oui. I do an extremely accurate impression of his accent that I’m sure he would vouch for…

Q Best memory of the time you spent in Africa?
C We went ziplining once -it was fuuuun! With Lesley and Hayes!
A (Keith Kikki Fleming, “Lesley”) Getting home was just as exciting!

Q Do you have a project to make a French movie?
C Soon soon soon

Q We really liked your performance when Willoughby talks about his life on the ship .. you had contained emotion! How did you prepare that shot?
C Free jump!

Q How is Cesar doing with all those Scottish accents?
C Wirewalking with no net

Q Did you have a screen test together?
C No no no they are so good at casting, they knew!

Q The most serious question ever. Marsalie or… Sirine? (from Sirine)
C Dude c’mon

Q If you could change a thing in the world, what would it be?
C No gravity just an hour a day

Q What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
C A doctor saying “Issa booooy”

Q Fergus marries someone who looks like Claire. That means that, even just spending two  years wtih her, she has become her ideal woman reference. Even Marsali idealizes love as that of Claire and Jamie. What could you say about it all?
C Oedipus for all.,

Q Lauren, what do you think about Marsali’s relationship with Claire so far?
C I’m a bit embarrassed but it will get better and I like that my girl has principles and stands for herself.

Q Do you watch some shows?
C Yayy! Fav: Curb, Rick and MOrty, Better Things, Vice Principals. This is what I’m watching now.
L I’ve just finished The Sinner on Netflix and it is AMAZING. Rick and Morty is a favorite too.

Q Do you feel  uncomfortable using the wooden hand?
C Yep

Q Did Romann give you any tips on carrying on Fergus?
C No, no watching him acting in season 2 was the best to catch u on what he did.

Q Now that you are the new Fergus… do you bring macaroons for Caitriona like Romann did?
L Excuse me, Cesar, can you please bring me some macaroons next week on set?

Q Do you enjoy watching your scenes or do you avoid watching yourself on the screen?
C It’s sooo hard for me.

Q What is your favorite moment of Season 3?
L Arriving on the boat for the first time and going head to head with Jamie. It was so much fun standing up to a 6ft+ man and winning.

Q Who’s your favorite, Cait or Sam? We promise not to tell.
C Seriously? A mommy or daddy thing? C’mooooon.

Q Do you ever get acting tips from Sam?
L Never. I tend to give him the tips.

Q What was the most difficult scene to play for you?
C Wedding! Because I wanted it to be perfect and full of things being played out at the same time.

Q How did you prepare for the wedding scene? Not too nervous?
L We got married in real life.

Q You guys hang out a lot after shooting? What do you do?
C Yaaaaay all the time!
L Eat. We always eat.

Q When you’re not filming the show do you miss the cast and crew?
C I’m surviving.

Q Did you have to do a chemistry test (and I’m not talking school work) like Sam and Caitriona?
L We didn’t, their scientific brains just knew.

Q How is it working with John Bell? Is he sweet like young Ian?
C He’s so good, I loved my scene with him. And I wish I had more.
L Love him, definitely wish we had more! He’s not all sugar sweet…

Q Who had more bloopers in S3, you or Lauren?
C Haven’t seen any so far.

Q Did you like Wonder Woman?
C I like Gal Gadot, she’s amazing!
L Yep, the amazonian warriors were so cool.

Q What do you do to have such beautiful hair?
C Nothing!

Q We think Caitriona deserves an Emmy. Do you agree?
C Damn yes! Emmys – wake up guys!
L Yes!!

Q How is it to work with Caitriona? Your scenes together are amazing and intense.
L Cait is absolutely wonderful to work with and such a phenomenal actress. It’s a thrill to play with her!

Q Was it difficult to film scenes because of Cait laughing?
C Sam’s ready to crack at any time but he’s so good at retaining it.

Q How’s the weather in Scotland?
C I forgot my sunblock and it was on purpose.

Q What is your best song currently?
C Need a Break, Kodak Black

Q What is the weakness of Fergus and Marsali?
C No common account.

Q What do you like the most about Marsali?
L Her brave determination and not caring what anyone else thinks.

Q I’m in love with both your characters! Have you been surprised by fan reactions to Fergus and Marsali?
L We are so thrilled with the reaction of love. They are very cool characters. Thank you!

Q Did you read the books?
C No no no

Q For Fergus, Jamie is like a father figure but also an example to follow (in some aspects). Do you consider Sam like that?
C (laugh til you cry emoji)

Q What is your favorite movie?
C Buffalo 66

Q Who is an artist you’d like to work with?
C Mathieu Amalric


C Sides! She was telling me how to say unholy thoughts lol

Q This is for science, but Rick or Morty?
C it is a hot series.

Q Do you know what a meme is?
L Me and Cesar LIVE for memes.
Q You have some memes to show us?


Q So show us your favorite meme!


Q Can you cook?
C Yep

Q Any chance to see both of you at a convention in 2018?
C Hopefully!
L Hopefully!

Q Who’s the one between you two who forgets the most lines when you’re shooting?
L We once spent an entire scene going back again and again until I could say Porpoise. Porpus? Purpose? Tortoise?

Q Not hard to play with one hand?
C Yes it’s tricky

Q Funniest scene you have had to film so far?
C Governor’s ball! Fancy!

Q Do you think Marsali has anything in common with Jamie?
L Long luscious hair!

Q Have you ever gotten injured on set?
C Almost lost my other.

Q Well, you’ve referred to new projects, and you’re left alone… you can’t give us a hint?
C I can’t say anything.

Q You  have acted in several costume dramas now. Do you have a favorite time period for clothing?
A Not so much. No extra luggage.

Q Do you talk in French on set so they don’t understand?
C Like a crazy all alone of course often

Q What’s your favorite place in France besides Paris?
C Le Luberon!

Q Can you say something for your French fans, Lauren?
L The Marais in Paris has the best fried aubergine and falafel I’ve ever had in my life.

Q Favorite place to visit?
L New Zealand is siiiiick

Q Any cute BTS pics you can share?
C Soon

Q Was it hard to keep a straight face when Father Fogden asked if you also lost your ummmm…. I cracked up.
C Honestly it was nothing. First I knew the scene so wasn’t surprised but mainly I was Fergus at the moment. So quite in a deep mood.

Q Important question (not too much, anyway): you like Star Wars?
C It’s ok.

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