Outlander Gab: EW Covers, Costume Notes, November 14, 2017

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Gotta Have the News

About that final shot in First Wife – Matt Roberts talks about the great final scene.

Sam receives an Ambassador award from Tennent’s Lager.

Toni Graphia talks with The Hollywood Reporter about changes in First Wife.

Sam talks with Esquire magazine.

Entertainment Weekly is bringing out another 3-cover set, THIS WEEK! The covers have one of Jamie solo and one of Claire solo, which will be sent out to subscribers; and a third cover, with both together, will be available excusively at Barnes & Noble. Here’s a nice behind the scenes video of EW’s new cover shoot – watch for Sam’s little “oops”:

The Twitter Tweets

Focusing on just one subject today: I love these costume sketches and notes from Terry. This is the dress we see in the EW cover photo shoot. She was asked if she reused the Season 2 dress, and answered that she made a new one.

Dye lot samples


Get This

Last chance to get the Outlander wines from Lot18.com! Their “Red Jamie” Cotes du Rhone red and “Sassenach” rose seem to be sold out, but four other varieties are still available.

Of course, the exciting thing is this week’s Entertainment Weekly that has three different covers. But there’s more. Have you seen this t-shirt with the obsessable A. Malcom sign print? On my Christmas list for sure. $24.95 at the official Outlander store.

Also at the Outlander store, two winter knit beanies! Both are on a little sale right now, for $26.96.

Around TIBS

Images for Doctor Who‘s controversial 13th Doctor were released this week! Michelle Harvey brings them to you.

Did you buy the officially licensed Outlander wines? The same company is bringing out Walking Dead wines! Not quite sure how I feel about this, but Donna Cohrs gives you all the info.

There’s More to Life

I can’t get enough of photos, tweets and info from NASA. I follow every account (there are accounts for the Hubble telescope, Voyager, and other NASA launches). Here’s a new video of footage taken by astronauts at the International Space Station.

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