Outlander Gab – Thankful Edition, November 17, 2017

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Gotta Have the News

Rosie Day (Mary Hawkins) announced today that she’s partnering with two other women to produce a new short film, Tracks. They’ve set up a Kickstarter program to help finance the film, and backers at various donation levels will receive gifts including a personal thank you tweet, autographed pictures of the Outlander cast, a video thank you, tea and cake with Rosie and Andrew Gower, and more. The film’s description:

Two women sit on a train. Unbeknownst to them, this journey will change their lives forever… TRACKS, is a short film, directed by Rosie Day and produced by Charlotte Jordan, Jessica Revell and Unstoppable Entertainment.

I’ve always found the paths we leave behind us as humans fascinating. Our memories, experiences, shape us into who we are, and sometimes leaves us haunted. Following the six degrees of separation rule, we all as humans are connected, somehow. TRACKS explores this whilst confronting the vital issue of how women are treated in today’s society.


No big surprise, at least to us, but Sam Heughan won JustJared’s Sexiest Man Alive poll this week, with 57% of the vote. That’s one campaign I can wholeheartedly get behind. But we should also celebrate our Jamie for his talent, kindness, generosity to his fans, and his concern for the world.

Sony marketing tells me that the DVD/BluRay set for S3 will not be out for holiday shopping – too close to the end of the season. They’re hopeful that a preorder will be available in the near future. As soon as I have info on what the set includes and when you can order and buy, I’ll let you know!

Harper’s Bazaar gives us a wrapup of everything we know so far about Season 4. Not sure if any of this will be new to you, but just in case!

The Twitter Tweets

Get This

Lot18, makers of licensed Outlander wines, came out this week with a mini-bottle collection of their bottles. The six varieties are in 100 ML bottles, and come boxed, for $50. Get it here.

A small release of Jamie Funko Pops, a variant (different colored clothing) on the original, went for sale yesterday exclusively on the official Outlander Store. They sold out quickly, and actually oversold. It was labeled as an exclusive 2017 edition, so we’re hoping that more will be released, and that they produce other characters as well!

Around TIBS

John Baker wraps up Star Trek: Discovery’s premiere season!

Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok yet? (I haven’t, darn it. Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow night.) Bri has, and gives you her take.

There’s More To Life

What’s everybody doing for Thanksgiving? We’re having a quiet dinner with our 2 kids and my father in law. I’m definitely thankful for all of you, as I’ve come to call many of you my friends. I may not always agree with everything in every episode, but I’m always thankful for Diana’s books, and for Ron and Company tackling this huge project and bringing our beloved story to life. Take a minute and tell them so. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, or Thursday is just another day of the week, there’s always a lot to be grateful for. Enjoy the episode this week! #HeavenandEarth

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