Outlander Gab – An Unsettling Week in the Fandom

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Gotta Have the News

First, dealing with a little housekeeping. You may be aware that on Tuesday, Facebook removed this site’s Outlander page (Outlander-Three If By Space), and several other Outlander pages and groups. We didn’t believe we had much recourse, and didn’t expect that we would get that page back again. So, I started a new group – that I invite you to join – Outlandishly Three If By Space. And today, thanks to the efforts of our website owner, the page was reinstated. SO, that leaves us with both a page and a group – a bounty of riches! I’ll continue to manage the page through the end of the year, since I have had our annual Holiday Gift Exchange running on that page. And we’ll see how both go! I do want to say that I truly appreciate all the support I received this week – it almost felt like the death of a family member. And it reminded me that the biggest reason I do all of this is because of all of you. Thank you!

Matt Roberts and Maril Davis  talk about Claire being a woman out of her time.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! #FirstWife is this week’s hashtag. EW brings you some photos from the upcoming episode!

John Bell, our fabulous new Young Ian, did his first Outlander Twitter Q&A this week. Here’s the transcription. If you’re looking for the #OutlanderALN writers’ room transcription, sorry, I didn’t get that done this week. And it got very contentious and argumentative – last week’s episode brought out a lot of strong feelings, and Matt Roberts ended up on the firing line. Please remember that these are very hard working, talented people, and they only want to bring us the best product possible. We may not always agree with how they’ve done it – I certainly haven’t – but it’s important to show them that their work is appreciated.

The Twitter Tweets


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Around TIBS

Have you been watching The Orville? I’ve been recording all the episodes, just need time to watch! Michelle Harvey brought us Orville news this week, and the review of the newest episode.

Alyson Bailey gives us the review of the latest episode of The Gifted, a new show set in the X-Men world.

There’s More to Life

I hope you all had a good Halloween! Sadly, no little Jamies or Claires came to my door. We actually had more kids this year than in the last couple of years.

I picked up Michael Connelly’s newest Harry Bosch thriller today, Two Kinds of Truth. Excited for that one!

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