The Shannara Chronicles: Season Finale – Preview

The Shannara Chronicles is all new with a two-part, season finale. Last week we saw the Warlock Lord had been resurrected and already putting his evil ways to use. The only thing that is able to stop him is the Sword of Shannara and thankfully Will was able to put it back together, after facing his truths. Will, Mareth and Allanon race to find Princess Lyria and defend Heaven’s Well.

Tonight’s episodes is going to be full of battles and not just with the Warlock Lord. Each character has a part to play in whether or not the Four Lands will be saved. Eretria has been battling this darkness inside of her, but is her will to block it on really going to be strong enough? Or, will she become part of the Warlock Lord’s entourage? Things have progressively going from bad to worse, this season. The only hope we have is that Will has the Sword of Shannara and will be fighting alongside two druids, Mareth and Will. I truly hope it will be enough!

Get ready for an epic showdown, in a chance to save the Four Lands because not everyone may make it out alive. So, make sure you tune in tonight, at 9/8c, on Spike, to catch the finale of The Shannara Chronicles!



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