The Gifted – S1 Ep 6 – got your siX – Review

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“Got your six” is another way of saying “I’ve got your back.” Originated with WWI pilots referencing the rear of an airplane. If you picture yourself in the center of a clock, twelve o’clock would be in front of you and six o’clock would be behind you. Thus, “got your six” means “I’ve got your back.”

From The Gifted’s Instagram.

Thanks to @gotyour6 for making us a #6Certified project for our portrayal of veteran Thunderbird! ⚡️ For more #6Certified projects, visit the Got Your Six site. 💪⚡️ Get #VetInspired.

In this episode of The Gifted, there were several instances of the characters having each other’s backs. The mutant underground has each other’s backs in many situations. The mutant kids are key this time around. They use their powers to help with the mission to get the mutant files out of the Baton Rouge federal building so the Mutant Underground can learn about what Sentinel Services has done to turn the mutants like Pulse against their own kind.

On the other side, it seems that the suspicious Dr. Campbell has Jace Turner’s back. After finding out for the second time that his daughter had died in the July 15th incident Turner should have taken time off. However, he called Dr. Campbell to help get him reinstated. Dr. Campbell’s requirement is that Turner give him everything he knows about the Strucker children. Dr. Campbell’s got Turner’s six by clearing him for work when he’s obviously not ready.

This episode has three main story lines surrounding the central mission. There are many new mutant kids in the Way Station and they have untrained powers. Turner is becoming unhinged after having to grieve his daughter’s death a second time around. And last, Clarice is dealing with feeling used.

Clarice confronts John when he asks her to make a portal into the Federal Building. She feels like a “portable doormaker” and asks him if he has anything else he wants to talk with her about. His response of “it’s complicated”, is unacceptable.

Emma: That’s a crappy answer. Might be true, but it’s a crappy answer.
Alyson: Seriously what they did was so wrong.
Emma: They should have told her about it immediately.
Alyson: Dreamer’s not going to tell anyone the truth.

As Dreamer predicted, Clarice leaves. There is no chance for us to learn if she would have left had she been told the truth. At the end of the episode, we see her walking down some stairs to an unknown location.

Agent Turner arrives at his office even though he is supposed to be taking time off to recover. He is angry and vengeful and will not stay home. This is when he calls Dr. Campbell. When Dr. Campbell arrives he has a mutant with him who has the same tattoo that Pulse had. He tells Turner that he will reinstate him only if he gives him all of the files about the Strucker children. We knew that he would come back with more motivation to end all mutants and he has definitely proved us right.

The Mutants are working hard to find a way into the Federal Building in Baton Rouge to get the records about mutants who have been sent there and what has happened to them. They had planned to use Clarice’s portal to get in and out of the building, but with her gone they need another plan. Andy hears the discussion and convinces them that he can break through that wall better than anyone else there and a plan is made for the trip to Baton Rouge.

Reed must go along to find the office and help get the information out. He also needs to be there with Andy. While they are loading the truck that they will be hiding in, Andy and Reed joke around.

Emma: Did he say puke bucket?
Alyson: Sounds like it.

John and Marcos talk about what they will each be doing and when they say goodbye to each other they have a “brohug”.

Emma: Awwwwww bromance!

The drive from Atlanta to Baton Rouge is stressful for Marcos, Reed and Andy who must stay in the back of the semi truck. At one point the truck is stopped by the police and the officer wants to look in the back of the truck. Marcos tells them that he has absorbed light in the past and will try to do that now to hopefully hide them in the back of the truck.

Emma: WOOOW!!
Alyson: Oh my god, that is so cool!

It was clearly a difficult task for Marcos, but he does it and they thankfully get back on the road.

They pass the time talking. Reed is trying to reconnect and bond with Andy. He asks him about his powers and how it feels to use them. Andy’s response alarms Reed. He says that is sort of feels good to break things. Reed gets upset and tells him he wants him to use good judgement which upsets Andy.

Alyson: Use good judgement? He’s projecting his fears and preconceived notions on him.

Later, Marcos asks Reed about parenting, he has had no real parental examples. One thing Reed says is important. “Nothing they can do can make you love them less.”

Once they get to the Federal Building, Andy breaks through the wall and all the car alarms go off.

Alyson: I kinda think that would draw attention.
Emma: Car alarms seem to go off a lot when he does his thing.

Andy tends to be impulsive and angry which is a dangerous thing with his powers. Marcos and Reed make it in and out of the building with the files and hard drives that they need, and they head back to the Mutant Underground.

Meanwhile back in Atlanta there are a number of mutant kids who are adjusting to their new situation. There is one young man who is very interested in Lauren and keeps flirting with her. His name is Wes (played by Danny Ramirez) and his power is to make illusions. Lorna is determined to train them so that they can use their powers to defend themselves and the rest of the mutants. Lorna has Lauren, Wes, and two other kids line up while she throws sharp objects at them to deflect. When Caitlin sees this she is very upset, she really doesn’t want to face the reality that her kids are in danger.

Emma: I mean, I agree in some way that throwing dangerous things at them isn’t the best way to do it. However, I also think they need to know how to use their powers correctly and how to defend themselves.
Alyson: The way Lorna is approaching it isn’t the best way either.

Wes and Lauren have another run in with each other and he convinces her to take a break from helping out around the Way Station. They end up talking about hiding their powers. Wes seems to thoroughly enjoy using his powers and does not see the use in hiding them. Lauren explains that she just wanted a normal life. She wanted to graduate and move somewhere to escape like Florence, Italy. Then Wes uses his powers to create the beautiful illusion of what he believes was Florence, however, as Lauren pointed out, it was Rome. Either way it was a beautiful illusion and even the water moved. Wes pointed out that he had never done that before.

Emma: I think it’s like Lorna and Marcos! Lauren can manipulate water. Maybe that’s why the water is moving.
Alyson: Their powers are affecting each other.

While heading back from Baton Rouge, the truck that Reed, Andy, and Marcos are in is followed by a police car. Lauren and Wes, along with Lorna, end up working together to save Andy, Reed, and Marcos in the truck from being caught by Sentinel Services. Caitlyn allowed Lauren to go because as Lorna had told her, they’ll be “fighting the rest of their lives” and that “this is their new normal.” At the scene of the police roadblock, Lorna tells Lauren to use her shields to get the truck over the roadblock while she diverts the bullets being shot. Then Wes creates an illusion to make it seem that the truck split and went both ways at the intersection, when in reality the truck went straight. The illusion worked, the police and Sentinel Services chased the two truck illusions while the real truck with Marcos, Reed, and Andy inside got away.

Emma: Now that’s some amazing teamwork!

The episode ends with two ominous situations.

The first one is when Agent Turner finds out that the Mutants got away from the roadblock and also got the files. He tells the agents he is with that they need to monitor all cell phones in the area. When someone questions him, he screams at them that he doesn’t care about a court order. This is not good, if they monitor all the cell phones, they will end up finding the Mutants.

Second, Marcos and Lorna are in bed when his phone rings. He answers it and it is Carmen demanding that he come now. Time pay up. What will Lorna do when she finds out about Carmen?




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