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The Gifted – S1 Ep7 – eXtreme measures – Review

In this episode a few of the mutants must go through “eXtreme measures” to deal with their issues and situations. We also get a frightening preview of the Mutant Hunting Hounds.

Marcos had to resort to extreme measures when he rescued Lorna and now must deal with Carmen’s duplicitous nature. He is being sucked back into a world he wanted to escape and is lying to Lorna about it. He is setting himself up for some serious problems with Lorna.

Carmen called him reminding him that he must come when she calls, she threatens to tell Lorna. Marcos makes up a story about why he needs to leave.

Alyson: Look at that dress!
Emma: I don’t like it.
Alyson: It’s not going to go well.

Lorna eventually figures out that he is not where he should be and finds out that he has gone to Carmen’s house. She is clearly feeling betrayed and with reason.

She asks Dreamer to help her get the informations she needs. They appear at the gate to Carmen’s estate and lure the guards over. Lorna does her thing and Dreamer finds out where Carmen and Marcos have gone. They have gone to destroy a rival’s products. Carmen wants him to burn it all. Marcos is very intense when he is shooting the fiery light out of his hands and it is clear that he gets a big rush out of the power and destruction. When he finishes, Carmen thanks him by kissing his cheek. He doesn’t know that Lorna has arrived, thinking she is going to rescue him from Carmen she sees him working for Carmen. She is devastated.

We are pretty disappointed in him, the way he so easily lies to Lorna about where he is and how he got the money he came back with. He may have felt he had no choice and he may have felt that he could get something out of his partnership with Carmen to help the Mutant Underground, but at what cost? Now he faces the threat of Carmen outing the underground to Sentential Services. Lorna and Marcus have had such a unique connection, we don’t want that to be lost. Hopefully, Marcus will come to his senses and stand up to Carmen in a way that won’t hurt the underground.

Turner also made a deal with a really bad person. It was an extreme measure to get back to work at Sentinel Services for his revenge. It seems like he might be in over his head with Dr. Campbell.

Emma: He needs help.

A woman from the DOJ (department of justice) arrived to shut them down, too much of what they are doing is against the law. She called a meeting to tell the team, but before she was able to say much of anything, she collapsed in agony. The mutant who follows Dr. Campbell everywhere he goes (like a dog…), can be seen with his hands in fists and a determined look on his face.

Alyson: I wonder what that guy’s power is.
Emma: Looking extremely tired all the time? Looking partly dead? Maybe that’s it.

Dr. Campbell goes over to check on her and says she has had a stroke. It’s interesting to see how Turner is reacting to Campbell’s highhandedness. It almost looks like he is questioning himself and their tactics. Our final exposure to Turner and Campbell during this episode is when Campbell takes Turner into a room full of mutants who have the same half dead zombie-like look to them. It looks like Dr. Campbell has created what amounts to an army of Mutant Hunting Hounds.

Wes’s actions are less dramatic in the present, but in the past he clearly had to take extreme measures to survive as a mutant kid. While looking through documents that they stole from the government building in Baton Rouge, Reed came across one that had a drawn picture of a young man who looks just like Wes and whose powers are the same as his, image manipulation. Because these documents came from Sentinel Services, it became hard for anyone to trust him.

Alyson: Oh crap is he a spy?
Emma: Oh shit!
Alyson: Oh geeze.
Emma: That is not good.

Before they confronted him about it, he had a sweet moment with Lauren.

Alyson: He’s cute.

He has been trying so hard to get her attention and to impress her with little response from her. He coaxes her out onto the top of some scaffolding that is next to the Mutant Underground Way Station and then shows her an amazing scene that reminded us a bit of a ride at Disney world where they simulate flying over the country. He held her hand and leaned over, next thing she knew she was flying over some gorgeous land and water, we don’t know where, but it was probably something he saw in a book again.

Their moment was interrupted by Andy in the well practiced role of annoying little brother. Unfortunately, once Lauren learned about Wes’s history, she began to doubt him and whether he was capable of honesty and she backed off. Wes was crushed, Reed decided to talk to Wes to get an explanation of his behavior.

Alyson: A lot of them have records.
Emma: He just needs to be honest with them and he’ll be fine.

It ended up being a nice moment between them, one that Wes likely needed from a father figure. Sadly, he decided to take the next van and leave to go to the Augusta station. At the van as he is getting ready to leave, Lauren comes to him and he finally gets the kiss he has been trying to get, it’s a sweet moment, hopefully we will see him again.

The other character who is dealing with serious drama is Clarice. John used his tracking powers to find her and decided to talk to her and help her find the people she’s been looking for. She was feeling dejected and unhappy because she had come to a dead end in her search for her family. John told her he could help and she decided to accept his offer. Their search is difficult and Clarice came close to giving up. John convinced her to continue and they found the house she had lived in. It was a group home, she considered the other mutant kids and the couple who cared for them to be her family. She was about to run up to the house, but John had a vision of the house under attack from Sentinel Services and warned her off. The house was empty and dusty, hopefully the mutant kids escaped and weren’t captured by Sentinel Services. John found a door full of bullet holes and puddles of blood coming through the bottom of the door. The couple who took care of her were murdered. She fell apart but John was there to catch her and hold her while she cried. It seems like he might be developing real feelings for her, but Dreamer is doing her best to manipulate him.

Alyson: Oh.
Emma: She’s jealous.
Alyson: She’s totally jealous.
Emma: What a bitch.
Alyson: Insecure.
Alyson: Her attitude is definitely bitchy.

This episode left us worried about Marcus and Lorna, sad about Wes and Lauren but hopeful that they might find each other again, frustrated and sad for Clarice, and more than a little freaked out about what Dr. Campbell is doing with the mutants he has control of.





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