The Legends of Tomorrow: Crisis on Earth-X Crossover – Preview

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The wait is finally over! The crossover, that we have all been longing for, is here. The Legends of Tomorrow is teaming up with our other favorite shows: Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash. This will be a 4 part crossover which will start with Supergirl and ends with The Legends of Tomorrow.

It turns out, not everyone was aware that there is a planet called, Earth-X. And the residents of that Earth has decided to try to take over ours. This is not going to sit well with any of the heroes! The battle begins when Nazis crash Iris and Barry’s wedding, which, was probably a really stupid idea. Don’t these evil henchmen know that you should never ruin a special occasion that the heroes are in? Rookie mistake! Everyone must work together in order to save their planet Earth and not let it be taken over by the villains.

Sara, with her team at her side, joins the rest of the Arrowverse to take down yet another evil. With all the anachronisms they have dealt with, as well as Damien Darhke, it seems very curious that an attack from a strange earth is happening at this time. Could this have anything to do with Damien? Or, is this just another evil that needs to be stopped? I wouldn’t be surprised if Damien ends up making an appearance, though!

The Legends have their work cut out for them and this battle will be no picnic. But, with the help of their friends, I have no doubt that they will be able to save the world, as we know it. So make sure you tune in tomorrow night on The CW, starting at 8/7c. This will be one epic battle and you do not want to miss it!




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