The Legends of Tomorrow:Return of the Mack Trailer – Preview

The Legends are at it once again on an all new episode of The Legends of Tomorrow. Yet, finding anachronisms have never been the problem, stopping them on the other hand. Now, that isn’t always as easy! In, “Return of the Mack”, something very disturbing is happening. There seems to be a vampire on the loose and it’s sucking people dry! It is up to the Legends to stop it and save the people. Will they be able to stop the vampire before it’s too late? Or will one of them loose a little blood in the process?

This will be the second mission that Zari will be on. I wonder how she is fairing so far. This is a whole new experience for her and I can only assume the adjustment period is not quite over. Yet, who could ask for a better mission? Hunting down a vampire? Heck yeah!

The adventure starts at 9/8c, Tuesday, on The CW network. The Legends of Tomorrow: “Return of the Mack”, is guaranteed to be one for the books.Who know, we may run into some familiar faces while we’re at it! Don’t miss out on seeing our favorite legends save the day….or mess it up, but either way, it will be a ton of fun!



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