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Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block — Season Three — Release Date

Channel Zero, one of the best horror shows that you maybe haven’t watched yet, is hitting our screens soon with it’s newest installment, entitled Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. The second season, “No End House” wrapped up it’s 6 episode series in October, and fans we’re surprised to hear that the third season would be hitting in “early spring.” Well, enjoy this happy “early spring” gift from SYFY, because “Butcher’s Block” will be back on February 7th, 2018. This is one of the shortest turn around between seasons I can recall in TV history, with “Butcher’s Block” premiering just 105 days after “No End House” wrapped up.

Channel Zero: No End House made just about every “what you should be watching” list that I could find and the series has a pretty fanatic following thanks to the CreepyPasta stories they are based off of. “Butcher’s Block” is based off the CreepyPasta “Search and Rescue” which you can read on the CreepyPasta Wikia ahead of time if you wish. Syfy released a new teaser trailer for “Butcher’s Block” which included the limited series release date at the end.

There is a reason that Channel Zero continues to make the top lists of shows you should be watching. Though each season is it’s own installment, I highly encourage you to watch the first two series before “Butcher’s Block” hits in February. The show’s creator, Nick Antosca, does a fabulous job of taking these CreepyPasta stories, short urban legend type stories that are published online, and turning them into equally creepy yet original television. Horror as a television genre is really hard to do, and unfortunately the best horror shows out there are often the ones people overlook. So don’t let that happen with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block.

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