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Happy! Hype — Day Five — Jingle Hells Fun

Image Credit: SyFy

Happy! Hype Day Five bring you all the jealously in the world, and a reason to get your butt to New York City. Jingle Hells, an anti-holiday Happy! themed pop-up bar, opened to the public on Friday December 1st. But, before it was open to just any Joe-Shmoe, Syfy and NBC threw one hell of a party up in that joint! It wouldn’t be Happy! appropriate if there wasn’t already a drunken party in the place ahead of opening to the public, where’s the fun in that? Though yours truly did get an invite, I wasn’t able to attend. So all of these beautiful pictures (and all of my jealously goes to) comes from the lovely people at Syfy and NBC. Cheers to you Happy! for one hell of a night, and giving so many fans a space space to go drink at during this holly, jolly season!

Jingle Hells is open until December 10th, located at 174 Orchard Street, New York, NY you can enjoy the anti-holiday bar Monday-Wednesday from 4pm-4am and Thursday-Sunday from 12pm-4am. Yes you have to be 21 to get in, and yes you’ll need a valid ID to prove yourself a worthy age of drinking your holiday sorrows away. Happy! Hour is 5pm-7pm on weekdays and 2pm-4pm on the weekends! Happy! hour includes a free first drink plus swag worthy giveaways. You can also head over to The Workshop for some f**ked up photo opportunities, but you better be sharing those images on social media with both #JingleHells and #SeeHappy or I just might have to send Sax after ya. The Workshop hours are 5pm-10pm on the weekdays and 2pm-10pm on the weekends!

Image Credit: Syfy / NBC

Happy! premieres Wednesday December 6th at 10/9c on SyFy!

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