Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War – Review

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The Legends of Tomorrow mid-season finale, “Beebo the God of War”, started off with a very sad group aboard the Waverider. The loss of the Professor was obviously very hard on the team and they have no time to recover before there is a really big anachronism that is calling to them. Was heading off to fight another war, the best thing for them? Probably not, but like always, after a few bumps the team pulls it together and saves the world.

Things get weird when a young Stein is pulled back in the past while carrying a Beebo doll. The Vikings decide that Beebo is a god and that he thirst for blood! They worship him and fight whenever Beebo decides it is time. Anyone else find Beebo the God of War, a little creepy? I hate talking dolls and stuff animals. It just gives me flashbacks to watching Chucky, when I was younger. I’m not the only one who hates them, Mick isn’t a fan of Beebo either. Turns out, he isn’t a fan of puppets either. Things just continue to get weird as the show goes on.

Anyone feel like a therapy session? I hear that Snart is holding sessions aboard the Waverider and he has his buddy, Professor Stein the puppet, helping him out! What a riot. The team just can’t accept the help Snart is trying to offer, especially Mick. We see at one point, Mick starts beating up the poor puppet because he just can’t stand the therapy session Snart is trying to do. It doesn’t stop there though. Mick didn’t realize it, but Snart was about to make sure Mick made some changes and he started with the beer.

We all know that Mick has a problem, but that’s part of what makes him ridiculously funny. He always has a beer in his hand, even when things are about to hit the fan. Yet, we see that he is really indulging himself after the loss of the Professor. So, Snart changes the beer and challenges Mick to stay sober for 48 hours. But, we all know Mick and it wasn’t surprising when the team gets in trouble because he couldn’t keep his paws off the booze.

The team’s cover is blown when Mick tries to take some booze from, “Beebo the God of War”. A good old Viking battle breaks out, with some future tech thrown into the mix. Boy, it was so glorious! Things are looking pretty good for the Legends until Damien Darhk shows up, portraying himself as Thor! This dude is really getting on my nerves. It takes no effort for him to have all the Vikings on their knees and make the Legends retreat in order to figure out another plan. Despite the fact that Darhk is a bad guy, his entrance with his hammer and lighting shooting everywhere, was pretty sweet. But, that’s all the credit I am giving him!

In true Legend fashion, the failure makes them work even harder to find a solution in dealing the Darhk. The only casualty being Eleanor Darhk. Oh boy, retribution for that is going to come swift and hard. I have no doubt about that! As things are wrapping up, Sara is pulled with Darhk into a weird vortex thing. Here, she come into contact with Malas, but we only get to hear his voice. This is the first time we are getting any sort of connection with him and you can just sense that he is pure evil. If we though Darhk was bad, this guy takes the cake! Malas has some big plans for Sara and the rest of the Legends, none of it being good. I sense some serious danger heading their way. Hope they will be ready for it!

Fans of the show were dealt another massive shocker at the end of the episode. Not only was Professor Stein leaving the show, but it turns out that Jackson was leaving as well. In the Crossover, Stein had been lethally shot and in order to save Jackson, he took the serum which ended his life. It also ended Firestorm, leaving Jackson without any powers. Now, I have to be honest, I truly was not expecting him to leave the team as well. It was a huge shock! Within two episodes, our Legends of Tomorrow family, was ripped apart. I, for one, am really upset with this and I don’t think I am the only one.

“Beebo the God of War”, was the mid-season finale, which gives us some time to grieve for the loss of these great characters. Unfortunately, this leaves the team two members short. Is there a possibility that they will replace Firestorm with some other super hero? Or, will they keep the team as it is. Firestorm was a huge heavy hitter on the team, it seems like it may be hard for the Legends to have a very good chance of success, on future missions. And with the glimpse of Malas, things are going to be getting very serious in a very short time.



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