Legends of Tomorrow: Earth-X Crossover – Review

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I am still in shock over the Earth-X Crossover! It was really beyond anything I could have hoped for. All the effort and time it took for them to create this event, totally paid off. We had a ton of fighting scenes, some romance, and some shocking reveals. It was the perfect experience!

I want to first dive into the romance part on Earth-X Crossover. It is between none other than our lovely Sara. At the dinner, before the wedding, she runs into Alex who happened to be downing quite a few shots. One shot lead to another and things got pretty steamy for the two of them. While everyone else was giving toasts, these two were having a huge make out session behind a pillar. Very classy! The two end up spending a wild night together, with a very hazy morning to follow. Now, as the danger unfolds, the two work great together as a team, but it doesn’t look like it will go any further than the one night stand. They both have quite a bit of baggage, but that doesn’t mean they have to say goodbye forever. Right? Will there be more love in Sara’s future? Don’t go too far Alex, we may have need of you again!

Life has a funny way of, sometimes, turning a happy moment into the biggest disaster ever. Barry and Iris’ wedding was one of these moments. All their friends and family had gathered to witness the two profess their love and get hitched. The wedding should have been a wonderful moment for all in attendance. Yet, when you have a room full of some of the greatest heroes around, it’s just begging for trouble.

Earth X is run by Nazis with Oliver Queen as their leader. The whole objective is to get Supergirl, take her heart out and put it into the Supergirl from Earth X. They thought things were going to go smoothly, but they underestimated the strength of the good guys. Despite there being some major bumps along the way, everyone was able to get things under control and kick some evil Nazis butts! I loved how many fight scenes there were in the Crossover. Everyone had a piece of the action and it was totally awesome. I hope there is another crossover in the future because I need more!

We have to talk about the biggest moment that just killed everyone at during the Earth-X Crossover. You all know what I am talking about, Martin Stein’s death. It was so tragic! I am still shedding tears for the loss of this amazing man. And, it doesn’t even matter that it was in the fight to save Earth! I believe that this will take a while to get passed and for me to forgive everyone involved in killing him off. It just isn’t fair. The Legends of Tomorrow will not be the same without him. What will Jefferson do? The last thing I remember, is that even with severing the connection and with the serum Stein had created, he wouldn’t be Firestorm anymore. Will this somehow change? Or, is he leaving team as well? Whatever happens, things will never be the same. You will always be in our hearts, Professor Martin Stein!

Leanord Snart made quite the appearance, but he wasn’t quite the same. We know him as Captain Cold, a cold and selfish character. This Snart is from Earth-X and pretty much opposite of the original, who we all knew and loved. This version of him is loving and willing to sacrifice for the greater good, not to mention, he is in a loving relationship! Talk about crazy! I loved having him back in the action and though he is different, Snart from Earth-X still carried some similar traits. And don’t you just love how he talks? Man, he seriously just gets me every time! I really enjoyed having him on the show. Not sure how Mick is feeling about having him around, but it looks like he may have to get used to him. At the end of The Legends of Tomorrow, Snart told his other half, that he wasn’t going to be returning to Earth-X yet and that he was going to hang out with our lovely group. Things may get very interesting between Mick and this new Snart. Might as well hand Mick another beer or his flame gun, he’s probably going to need one of them!

Even though the fight against Earth-X villains is over, The Legends of Tomorrow have more anachronisms to fix. And, let’s not forget that Damien Darhke and his gang of miscreants are still at large. Who knows when they will be back to try to thwart the Legends, once again. One danger is ended, but another is still just around the corner.


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