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Outlander: Lotte Verbeek Twitter-Chats about that Blood Bath Scene

Q Real blood or fake?
A Young boys blood duh

Q What is the best part of being an actress?
A We get away with having split personalities

Q Which Geillis was most fun to play? Season 1 Geillis, Season 2 (so 20th century) or Season 3?
A Season 3! Crazier than ever.

Q What’s your favorite thing about playing a character like Geillis?
A She is never predictable, totally nuts and hopefully endearing on some level.

Q How did you feel with the bloodbath?
A Sweet and sticky.

Q Could you, like Geills, take a bath of goat’s blood?
A Depends on the temperature. 🙂

Q What’s your favorite Geillis scene and why?
A Ehm… blood bath of course!

Q Other than a blood bath… how do you keep your skin glowing?
A All the usual cliches that work, no sun, lots of water, happiness and dancing too

Q What is the  main difference that has been added to this current Geillis?
A She went from old affluent man-types to young boy flesh.

Q What did you initially think of the so called blood bath before you did it?
A I was like…. Matt?!?!?!

Q One of the best scenes EVER! You were fantastic, Lotte!
A Thanks so much! Only as good as the writing is. Which was a delight to play!

Q On a scale from 1 to 10, how itchy was the wig?
A Haha! Verra.

Q How was the shooting in South Africa?
A Lovely! Had never been there, and it was winter while we shot there, strange experience.

Q If you didn’t play Geillis, which other character would you like to have played?
A Any of the men.

Q Do you think Geillis will figure out who the 200 year old baby is?
A Ehm… stay tuned!

Q Will you come to Brazil one day to see us, all of your Brazilian fans?
A Would love to! Never been.

Q OK so we know John Bell isn’t really 15, but any nerves filming that scene?
A He was the bestest and sweetest and funnest.

Q How many takes did you do on the blood bath scene? Was your skin like silk?
A Ha! All day long.

Q What was it like to be back in those beautiful costumes Terry and her team make for the show?
A Brilliant as ever! Terry rocks.
A (Terry Dresbach) Awwwww, easy to design for you, wonderful woman! Hope all is well. Miss you!

Q Is Lotte short for another name?
A Nope. Lotte is all there is to it.

Q What was the feeling of bathing in the blood … was it warm?
A Most comfortable costume ever!

Q (from John Bell) Peach pie or cherry pie?
A All and more 🙂 I love you John and miss you!!

Q After you wrapped for season 2, did you know that Geillis would be back in season 3?
A I had an inkling.

Q How did the choreography and blocking of the blood bath/slithering over Ian come together? Seemed to take full advantage of your dance training!
A Oh I loved that. Somehow it came quite natural, didn’t it John Bell?

Q Can you choose one favorite character from all that you’ve ever played?
A ehm… let’s put a pin in that…

Q Are you happy with playing Geillis or do would you still have liked to play Claire?
A I never did. I think casting has been excellent on the whole show.

Q Did it take you some time to get into character or was it easy enough?
A Well the time in prep was mostly spent on aging prosthetics.

Q Where would you rather live, past or present?
A Present!

Q How hard was it to keep Geillis’ comeback a secret?
A I was paid Big Money to do so (only kidding of course).

Q Do you have a dream role that you want to play?
A Hedda Gabler!

Q Where are you from? Your accent is on point if you aren’t Scottish!
A Dutch all the way!

Q Did you get lessons to have that Scottish accent?
A We had our own phenomenal Carol Ann to coach us.

Q Are you disappointed by what Geillis became?
A Hahahaha!!! That cracked me up. Nah, kinda saw it coming.

Q Your acting in Outlander is gorgeous. New projects?
A Thank you! Yes, just filmed The Book of Vision.

For some info about this upcoming film, click here.

Q How did you experience shooting in Chateau de Beloeil for The Book of Vision?
A Biggest castle I ever owned! Or, was it my character…

Q Have you read the books, or was it a surprise for you when they asked you to come back for season 3?
A You fans talk so much online that even without reading the books I Knew 🙂

A Your Twitter profile says “Danceress.” Do you have a favorite type of dance? Will we see you on Dancing with the Stars ever?
A Ha! No, that not I’m afraid but yes I love dancing. Any type really, from modern to pole to ballet.

Q Which one do you most enjoy portraying, the nice or bad Geillis?
A Oh but they don’t exist separately. Like humans.

Q Do you work out/exercise to stay in shape? What about your diet? You look fabulous.
A Thank you! Once a dancer always a dancer they say…

Q Chocolate or Swiss cheese? Love from Switzerland!
A Choc!

Q How was swimming in “goat’s blood”?
A Very ‘floatable’

Q What do you prefer, wine or whisky?
A Ehm… tea??

Q Do you like pizza?
A Ehm, do I breathe oxygen?

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