Outlander Writers Chat About That Season Finale! Twitter Q and A


A Ha ha, yes, of course. Sorry we were a wee bit late! Just a little busy with something called SEASON 4!! 😇

Q Loved the whole awesome amazing episode!! Using the “shaving” scene to show J&C finally coming together before the storm was beautiful! Another iconic scene, so well done! Did you give this scene a special name?
A Yes! The shaving scene. 😍

Q Not sure if someone has said this yet, but the script for 313 hasn’t been posted on the community site. Will it be posted soon? I just see a blank page when I go to the site.
A Thanks for asking! The 313 script is not on the site yet, as we are still doing our annotations, while busy working on Season 4! But it’ll be up later this week!

Q Right before Claire kills her, Geillis goes for the pond & forgets all about Young Ian. Does that mean deep down she always knew a sacrifice wasn’t needed or did she decide to take a leap of faith & trust what Claire said since she had to adjust her plan?
A Yes, Geillis was desperate at that point and adjusted her plan.

Q Noticed on the last shots for season finales,S1 pans out. S2 and S3 last shots pan in. Is there any significance to that or just a cool effect(And it is pretty cool)
A Thank you! And yes, that beautiful sweeping final shot was conceived by the amazingly talented Matt Roberts and was meant to signify “moving into America.”

Q LOOOOOOVE that Marsali called Claire by her name in this ep! Is it safe to say the “whore” phase is officially gone?
A Well, she probably won’t call Claire a whore again, but these are two strong minded women and you can bet there will always be sparks flying when they don’t agree! 😉

Q When Margaret was channeling Brianna, was the “monster” Geillis or Archibald?
A Both!

A You’re welcome. And yes, Sam & Cait have amazing chemistry and they were perfection in this lovely scene.

Q With how much of the book was left for the finale, just wanted to say what a tremendous job u did in 1 hour! Absolutely loved it! Was there anything u tried to get in but couldn’t due to time constraints?
A We wish we could have included the Porpoise chasing the Artemis!

Q Interested to know if the title 👁 ⛈ was just abt the hurricane or also abt J & C’s love? Thank u for all your hard work!
A It’s definitely meant to be a metaphor for J & C’s love. 💞

Q As writing is a process, did the finale come together as originally planned? Or were there other possible scenarios?
A It came together as planned, and actually much of the planning was done way back in the beginning of the season. We always knew how we wanted to lay things out and it was exciting to see it finally come together.

Q Thank you for an amazing Season 3! Will you share any updates S4 scripts? How many are completed? What are the new challenges?
A We are knee-deep in Season 4! The scripts are rolling off the presses and we’re very excited about them!

Q How did you have the idea of change Willowby and Margaret’s storyline? I really liked it in the show. I didn’t like them in the books but I feel they had a mission in Jamaica.
A We felt Willoughby & Margaret were two special people… lost souls who might recognize each other and feel a connection. We decided at the start of the season that we wanted them to have a happy ending.

Q Toni and Matt Roberts, you are such a great team.
A Thank you! We truly love working together. And both share a special passion for Outlander! You’ll see more of our writing in S4!

Q How did Claire know that the portal was the pool and not the stones?
A She could hear the buzzing. It gets stronger the closer you get to the portal.

Q We know Jamie knows about the bird Claire saw when they were apart so he probably understood Margaret’s reference but did Claire get what she meant when she talked about the rabbit?
A No one knows about the rabbit except Jamie. That’s how he knows Margaret’s gifts are legit.

Q Were the slaves Claire run into with her carriage on their way to begin the ritual we saw later in the episode?
A Yes. They were Geilis’s slaves, on their way to the ceremony. Meant as a mysterious omen for Claire on her way to Rose Hall.

Q Since he could understand some English,was Geillis not worried at all that Hercules was in the room when she was talking about photographs and the 20th century with Claire?Although i’m sure working for Geillis for all these years means nothing would surprise him!
A Exactly!

Q just wanted to say THANK YOU for your ongoing commitment to your fans and for putting such great time and thought into answering our questions. As an aspiring writer, I’m truly in awe of your passion. Wishing a happy holiday season to you all! 🎄
A Thank you so much, Maddie! And Happy Holidays!!

Q when writing the scene with Joe and Claire discussing the discovered bones early in the season, did you plan in advance for the connection with Geillis or did that idea come when writing the finale?
A Yes, it was planned in advance. This was something really cool from the book that we loved and wanted to make sure to work it in.

Q Ian was too eager to get the gem stones but didn’t notice Brianna’s photo next to It?
A Don’t forget… Ian doesn’t ken who Brianna is! The gemstones are very valuable — and they are what got him kidnapped in the first place. So he wasna leaving without them!

Q is signed on for season 5? If not, how can we (the fans) make sure it gets signed on for S5? Is there a way? Can it just go on forever? Season 20?
A We are hoping for a Season 5 pick up and yes — we would love to go on forever!

Q Is it the truth-telling tea or does Claire somehow think that it’s ok to share with Geillis what happened to her after Culloden?
A Geillis was threatening Claire’s life and Claire needed to convince Geillis that she had not be chasing after Geillis for the last 20 years.

Q Just wondering how everyone is enjoying filming in one place. Are you able to shoot the episodes in order for season 4? Is everyone more relaxed?
A So far, we are writing and shooting in order this time around.

Q Bree talking to J&C through Margaret’s gifts: M could emulate Bree’s mannerisms and even her accent. C clearly recognized Bree in M. J was really astonished. Can M spiritually travel though time to catch Bree’s spirit? For Bree, this happened by means of a dream?
A These gifts work in mysterious ways.

Q When J & C were on the beach Jamie asked where they were,told the colony of Georgia. Jamie seemed confused by answer until Claire said America.Did Jamie not know about the Colonies specifically or was he pausing to think about what he was just told?
A Jamie has probably heard of Georgia, but was stunned in the moment to think that they’d made it all the way there.

Q Thank you for the incredible season! This show is the best on TV from every perspective. I’m really tired of the award season snubs but really hope you know how exceptional you all are.
A Thank you, Peg! Awards are great, but the passion of our fans means even more to us! We truly enjoying hearing from you all and it makes the hard work very much worthwhile.

Q How did Claire know that Ian was brought toward the direction of the drums? Could she see from that window, or was it a memory?
A She saw it through the window.

Q Was Geillis aware there was a second portal, perhaps the reason behind her marrying that particular sugar plantation owner? Quite convenient!
A With the Bakra, nothing is an accident! 😉

Q Why was Claire so mesmerized and staring at the pool in the cave before Jamie grabbed her hand? Or was she just in shock from killing Geillis?
A Yes, she was in shock. Plus the portals are very powerful and they draw travelers to them…

Q Geillis: “He was one of my favorites.” Not, he was my favorite? How many husbands did Geillis have? More than the 3 we know?
A Geillis had several husbands, but many lovers.

Q again… those bones! How is it that Claire knew how old those bones were… she claims it was just a guess, but it seems she knows/feels more?
A Claire didn’t know for sure, but she had an eerie feeling, a sixth sense about them…

Q Who wrote the line “He was one of my favorites…handsome…such a lovely cock.”? 😂😂😂 I’ve watched the episode 5 times & I’ve laughed EVERY time! Geillis loves to talk balls & cocks.
A Ha ha, yes, Geillis is a naughty girl. 😉

Q why isn’t Temeraire with the other slaves in the dancing scene?
A Those are Geillis’s slaves. She allows them a night off for their rituals. Temeraire is living in the mountains with the escaped free slaves.

Q With “Old Ian” not around, at what point will everyone one stop calling Young Ian Young Ian and at what point is he not considered young anymore?
A Ha! Yes, he’s probably wondering the same thing. 😉

Q I lived dthrough a grade 5 hurricane on Kauai. When the eye passed over it became a beautiful sunny day! Then very quickly the wind started again!
A Yes, that’s exactly what we were going for!

You & have eared yourself a bottle of whiskey (each!) for the excellent job you did as writers for . You can also have another bottle for directing! (P.S Sending love from Hout Bay, Cape Town)
A We like the sound of that! Thank you, Sarah — and thank you, Cape Town! Great city and great hospitality. We loved filming there.

Q Ending the episode 5mins earlier (with C&J in the ) would’ve made for a wrenching cliffhanger + the last 5mins would’ve made for an awesome S4 opener. So what were your thoughts to go with this happy ending instead of the more dramatic cliffhanger one?
A We already have an awesome Season 4 opener!! Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Q How difficult was it for to juggle three different roles, writer, producer, and director? Absolutely amazing and magical finale!!!
A It was a huge amount of work but there is nothing can’t do! We are all verra proud of him!

Q I love the music by especially when Faith’s theme was played when Claire was in the water
A Yes, we purposely used “Faith’s” theme, since it’s so beautiful and ethereal, yet underscores death.

Q What was the Bakra actually bathing in?
A You don’t want to know.

Q did Claire mean to cut Geillis’ throat when she slashed with the knife at her or did she just mean to scare her but accidentally got her? She was so stunned and in shock like when she stabbed that man with the knife before.
A She meant it!

Q Thank you for such an Epic Finale. Was Jamie trying to breathe air into her on the way up ??
A Yes! But it counts as a kiss too.

Q what’s going on in season 4?
A We need to get back to it right now and find out! 😉 Kidding, but we do need to go back to work. Looks like we did more than 25, but since it’s the last one… 😢 Seriously thank you all SO MUCH. It’s been fun for us! We appreciate you!!!

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