Star Trek holiday gift ideas

Star Trek: Holiday Gift Ideas With A Trek Vibe

It has been a great ride, lo these 50 years since Star Trek TOS first aired and sent our minds wandering through the stars with Kirk, Spock, Scotty and the gang. Since that time, there are been multiple TV series, a host of movies and new and passionate converts to the Trek world. And with the holiday season in full swing, it seems only right that the world of Star Trek gets plenty of play in the gift-giving department. So, here’s a look at some interesting gifts that the Trek fan in your life (or just for you) might enjoy this season.

Star Trek Discovery Hat

Looking cool while repping your Star Trek cred is easy with this U.S.S. Discovery hat. With this little item, you’re taking your Trek fandom to the next level. This hat features the silhouette of Discovery along with “Property of U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031”.  $26,99. (

Star Trek: Discovery cap.

Remain Klingon Poster T-Shirt

Q’plah to all the Kllingon brothers and sisters out there. Here’s an item that offers the Klingon in all of us a chance to surface. Pledge your loyalty to the Klingon Empire with the Star Trek Remain Klingon Poster T-Shirt. This soft t-shirt features three Klingons standing with pride for their society. This shirt a must have for any fan of the Klingons. Remember, “tlhIngan maH!” $24.95. (

A cool Remain Klingon poster T-shirt.


Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

When Star Trek first aired, one of the cool little devices was the communicator that everyone used. Well, time and technology have combined to bring us those very same working communicators today. Just like in TOS, this little device works as a communicator through the Bluetooth connection. It works as a retro extension of your mobile device. Go ahead, tell Spock to “Beam me up.” $120 (Amazon)

Classic Star Trek communicator that’s your bluetooth connection.

Star Trek Fleet Captains (board game)

After a hard day of collecting runaway Tribbles or stocking barrels of blood wine, there’s nothing better than heading to 10 Forward for a little conversation, Romulan Ale, and relaxing with a good board game. Considered one of the top Star Trek-based games out there, this game has it all – adventure, exploration, combat situation and much more as it focuses on the eclectic Star Trek ships. “Bartender, more Romulan Ale for my friends, we’re heading to an uncharted quadrant.” $49.99 (Amazon)

Star Trek Discovery Wall Calendar

The newest of the Star Trek television offerings, Star Trek: Discovery, is earning its place in Trek lore. Be ready for more Discovery with this show-based wall calendar, which shows scenes from the new show. This 2018 calendar celebrates the action and intrigue of the first season. And let’s face it, you’re going to want to revel in these scenes on a daily basis. $12.20 (Amazon).

Star Trek: Discovery wall calendar to check your personal star date.


Star Trek Uniform Socks (Command, Science, Engineering) 3 pair

No self-respecting Star Fleet officer is going to want to “go where no one has gone before” without some comfort and warmth on the feet. Let’s face it, space is a cold place and these custom socks representing three branches of service aboard a Federation Starship are 75 percent combed Cotton/17 percent polyester/5 percent nylon/2 percent rubber/1 percent spandex. They are machine-washable and are embroidered. $14.95 (Amazon)

Star Trek socks in three command colors.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew video game

Can’t get away to 10 Forward or the Halo-suite? No problem. With this video game at your disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun night of gaming with friends over a steaming bowl of Gagh. The latest Star Trek Video game boldly takes you where no man has gone before in more ways than one. You’ll need a PlayStation 4 with a VR headset to enjoy this virtual reality trip to the stars, but it can allow you and up to three other friends play out all your Starfleet fantasies in an incredibly realized simulation of the Enterprise. $21.56 (Amazon)

The latest Star Trek video game puts you in the captain’s chair.


Star Trek Ugly Christmas Pattern Navy Leggings

There are no words to describe how utterly Star Trek-ian these leggings are. They are both ugly and gorgeous and certainly allow the wearer to proudly fly their Star Trek flag high and proud. In a word, these are incredible and you should get a couple. Take that Ugly Christmas Sweater party up a notch with these beauties, which are 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Juniors and women’s sizes available. $25 (Amazon)

An ugly Christmas pair of leggings that are pure Star Trek.

Star Trek Funko

If you’re going all-in on Star Trek, then you need to have some of these cool Funko Pop figures in your galaxy. Star Trek has always dealt with big picture subject matter (science, politics, religion etc.), but what happens when you boil all that lore and subtext down into the polycarbonate fun-sized figure of a novelty bobble-head? You get a wonderful collectible from the Funko world. $13.95 (Amazon)

Funko Pop goes pure Star Trek. There’s plenty to collect.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge you Star Trek love with some of these fun items.

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