The Gifted – S1 Ep10 – eXploited – Review

The “fall finale” of The Gifted was the most stressful episode of the season so far. As you will see, we had a lot to say while we watched. The episode was called eXploited and there was a plethora of exploitation. The manipulation was carried on from the last episode in which we discussed Esme using her telepathic abilities in order to emotionally manipulate the Underground into unsafe action.

The episode starts out with a flashback to two months prior of a senator giving a speech about ridding the country of mutants. He claimed that “mutant crime is at an all time high and it’s getting worse.”

Emma: Is it though?
Alyson: I don’t think it is.

After spewing some “fake news” about mutants in his speech, he was speaking to someone on his staff when a woman walked up.

Emma: She looks familiar.

As it turns out that familiar woman was none other than Esme. Although we do not know what she was doing there, she didn’t stay long. Voices began penetrating her head telling her to get out and that Sentinel Services was going to come for her and other mutants at the political rally. It appeared to be overwhelming, forcing Esme to run from the rally.

Back in present day, the Underground is dealing with the aftermath of Sonia, Clarice, and the Strucker kids getting caught by Sentinel Services. As they were yelling about what to do next, Marcos calms them down and reminds them that they are supposed to be on the same side.

Emma: Is there a reason why they said ‘the enemy is not in this room’ and then the focus is on her (Esme)?
Alyson: I wonder

We see Esme lurking around every corner listening to everyone’s conversations and thoughts.

Alyson: I’m not sure about her

Meanwhile, at Sentinel Services, the Strucker kids are locked up and Turner is questioning Sonia. He tells her how she took his memory of his daughter and that he had to live through her death a second time. Sonia is devastated and apologizes with tears running down her face. Turner just responded with, “you’re sorry?”

Emma: What else is she supposed to say?
Emma: What is she supposed to do!?

Turner didn’t want an apology, he wanted revenge. He said to her, “I want you to know that this is extremely personal for me.”

Emma: Which is why you shouldn’t be doing this.

He then goes on to explain that she will be used in the hound program and used as a weapon and leaves the room. Shortly after, Turner makes a call to Dr. Campbell to discuss sending Sonia, Clarice and the Strucker kids to him and we see his face for the first time since the explosion at Reed’s father’s house.

Emma: Eugh

Although the Strucker kids are minors and haven’t gone through the legal processing yet, Turner agrees to send them to Dr. Campbell at Trask.

Alyson: He’s feeding right into what happened to his daughter

Jumping back to the Way Station, Esme is once again hanging around outside other people’s doors. This time it was Reed and Caitlin door while they were discussing how to save their children. Esme attempts to convince them that it would be a good idea to actually go talk to Turner in person, that he’s a good guy deep down, and that he would be able to help them save their children.

Emma: Yeah. I don’t think so.
Alyson: What is her endgame? I can’t figure it out
Emma: I… I have no idea. I have no idea.

Esme and her fake sweetness actually does persuade Reed and Caitlin to leave and go to Turner’s house even though the rest of the Underground would disagree.  

Alyson: Ugh
Emma: What?
Alyson: Well she manipulated them to leave without telling anybody
Emma: Bitch
Alyson: What’s going to happen is she’s going to make people think that they’ve gone against them
Emma: mmmhm
Emma: *Gasp* did you see that smile?

Back at Trask Industries, the Strucker children finally meet the crazy scientist and he is “very excited to get to know” them.

Alyson: Ugh! Creep!

It appears that his way of getting to know them is to throw them into a room that is made of adamantium with a wall of sensors.

Emma: That’s what’s in Wolverine!

When asked to join hands and display their power, the kids refuse and are shocked with the collars and left in the room.

Alyson: Andy’s so thin, He’s so skinny.

While the kids are being tortured in an indestructible room, their parents have put Esme’s manipulations into action.

Alyson: Are they going to Turner’s house?
Emma: Mmmhm, yep

Then, as predicted, Esme lets everyone know that the Struckers have left the Way station to find Turner. She lies and says that she had used her telepathic ability and found that they went to talk to Turner. They feed into the lie and feel betrayed.

Emma: God! What a, what a bitch!
Emma: Oh my gosh! What the hell? What is she doing?
Emma: Why. I don’t get it.
Alyson: Trying to figure out what her end game is. What is it?

The unsuspecting Struckers finally arrive at Turner’s house, gun in hand and ready to talk.

Alyson: You know what? When his wife hears that he took their kids, she is, I don’t believe she’ll be happy with it.
Emma: I don’t think she knows the full story of what he’s doing.
Alyson: And I think when she finds that out, she’ll be pissed.
Emma: I hope she will.

Back at the Way Station, Esme continues her exploitative behavior. They discuss the situation of the fake betrayal with Thunderbird, who then plays right into her hand. They decide to see if

Turner will transport the prisoners from Trask back to Sentinel Services and attempt to save the mutants being transported.

Emma: Oh god she makes me so mad.
Emma: Why are you trusting this girl!?

Speaking of Trask, the Strucker children are still locked in the indestructible room. In an effort to encourage them to use their powers, Dr. Campbell brings in Blink and Dreamer and points a gun to their heads.

Alyson: What?
Emma: Wow
Alyson: What?
Emma: Oh my gosh this show is making me angry

Andy and Lauren protest and Dreamer tells them not to show their power. She tells them not to several times, so naturally Dr. Campbell just turned around and shot her.

Alyson: *GASP*
Emma: Oh no!
Emma: Oh no oh no oh no oh no
Alyson: OH MY GOD! He’s a monster!
Emma: He’s killing people! He’s just straight up killing people for no reason! Why isn’t he in jail? Wha-What?
Alyson: The thing is, if he wants to use Sonia’s powers as a hound, he just lost her powers.
Emma: He doesn’t, he doesn’t care about her powers as much as he cares about the Struckers
Alyson: I know but in terms of the hound thing.

Dr. Campbell is unaffected by the reactions around him. Blink is screaming for her dead friend and in fear. The kids are shocked and clearly afraid he will shoot Blink if they don’t perform, and we know he would. So, they hold hands, it’s impressive.

Emma: I hope they break everything.
Alyson: Yes! *clap clap clap*
Emma: F**k your indestructible room.

Meanwhile the Struckers are sitting with the Turners trying to explain the situation. Jace’s wife is slowly seeing the picture, and doesn’t seem to like it.

Alyson: She was shocked when she heard he came into their house with a gun.
Emma: Mmmhm
Alyson: She’s not likin’ it.

Next thing we see is Turner walking into Trask with a team.

Alyson: Is he going to do the right thing?

Esme has convinced Marcus, Lorna, and John to go to Trask for an ambush to rescue the mutants inside. Unfortunately this is where we see her deception. She knocks Marcus out with a taser while they are at the fence looking at what is happening inside. This is where it all goes crazy. She tells them to turn off the collars, then begins telling the guards from both Trask and Sentinel Services to shoot each other and themselves. It’s a bloodbath. All the mutants in the bus emerge including two more women who look just like Esme.

Alyson: Oh my god she’s just proving them all right.
Emma: What the f**k.
Emma: This isn’t ok.

Then, all the mutants in the bus emerge including two more women who look just like Esme.

Alyson & Emma: WHAT!?!?!?
Emma: Ew ew ew ew no!
Alyson: She just gave them ammunition.
Emma: They just got through to Turner. She ruined it all.
Alyson: She’s not a she, she’s a they.

When Esme and her sisters work together they are scary and there is something very wrong with them.

After looking it up, you Marvel Universe experts know this already, we learned they are the Stepford Cuckoos and that there were originally 5 of them (referred to as Five-in-One). They are clones of villan Emma Frost and there are actually many many more clones in incubation chambers in some underground lab. Somewhere along the way two of them were killed, so the three are left (now referred to as Three-in-One). They were created as part of the Weapons Plus program. It looks as though the Mutant Underground has another faction to worry about. It sure doesn’t seem as though they are planning to work together with the Underground.

Jace Turner’s fury and anger towards the Mutants has been reignited and this also does not bode well for the Mutant Underground.

When the show returns on January 1, 2018 on Fox at 8pm central time, we expect to see the results of this disastrous situation.



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