Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo The God of War – Preview

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The mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow has arrived. This will be their first mission since the passing of Martin Stein and emotions are surely all over the place. This has to have some sort of effect on the team because he was a huge part of the family and he was just ripped from their lives. Will they be able to function as a team? Or, will there be complete disarray and frustration due to the loss of one of the team? Not to mention, Jefferson no longer has any super powers, which will be another adjustment. We still don’t know for sure what will happen with that piece either. So, with all these changes, this will be very interesting to see how they will be able to work through these emotions.

The team rush to intercede in the world of Vikings and try to put a stop to the war before things change so much, that America turns into a Viking world. Talk about scary! I am not sure I would enjoy that world very much. Sara charges in with the team, where sword meets sword and battle cries meet battle cries. Gosh, I just love all these battles we are experiencing! Am I the only one, who can’t get enough of them? And, is it just my imagination or does Sara look a little worried? What could possibly have her so stressed out?

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night on The CW, at 9/8c, for the mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow! There is sure to be a ton of danger and excitement, plus a few disasters as well. Hope you enjoy it as much I am sure I will.




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