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The Magicians — Throwback Thursday — San Diego Comic Con 2017

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday featuring The Magicians at San Diego Comic Con in 2017! Season 3 is just starting to heat up, but this Throwback Thursday takes us back to a time when magic first disappeared. Summer Bishil (Margot) and Hale Appleman (Eliot) have a great chemistry both on screen and off, making them powerhouse personalities on the show. If Quentin and Julia opened our hearts to magic and what magic could be, Margot and Eliot showed us how to reign and party at Brakebills. It’s now hard to imagine Fillory without High King Eliot and High Queen Margot at the helm.

Summer Bishil & Hale Appleman discuss the Fairy Invasion and what that might mean for Fillory, how handling life without magic will be for the group, and needing to find new alliances in order to get magic back on Season 3 of The Magicians. See what Summer and Hale are most looking forward to in Season 3 and hear Hale introduce The Muntjac!

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The Magicians airs on Wednesday night at 9pm on SyFy. 

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