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Roundup – Handmaid’s Tale S2 Info, Golden Globes Wins

This has been a busy week for news about The Handmaid’s Tale! Show producers have been presenting Season 2 at the Television Critics Association meeting over the last couple of days. Among tidbits of info that have come out:

  • Season 2 will debut on April 25.
  • Marisa Tomei will be a Season 2 guest star, appearing in Episode 2.
  • The show will be “darker” in tone, but will still stay within Margaret Atwood’s vision. “But, having seen little of Season 2, critics worried it was going to veer from the source material. Moss acknowledged it’s actually going to be darker than Season 1,” a Deadline Hollywood article noted. “(Executive Producer Warren) Littlefield said the budget was bigger for the new season to delve more into the United States’ second civil war that led to the split-off creation of totalitarian Gilead, in which women lack basic rights and Moss’s Offred character is pregnant with a child she will not be allowed to raise. (Show creator Bruce) Miller assured them the season ‘lives in an Atwood world’ and that the first season also ‘diverted quite a bit from the book, in ways people did not notice, which made me feel good it had a lot of ‘Atwood-ness’. Material from Atwood’s writing not used in Season 1 will show up in Season 2, Miller promised, adding, ‘she is the mother of the series… we are not exiting that world at all.’”
  • A trailer was debuted today! Several Season 1 characters are briefly shown – look for what could be Commander Waterford with a gun, approaching a gagged man. Flashes of the Colonies, Luke and Moira with odd-looking Canadian/US combination flags (and what are those nooses?), and possibly even Janine are shown!

  • A couple of preview photos were released earlier this week – tantalizing glimpses of Gilead horrors yet to come? June covered in blood; Handmaids walking toward possibly a funeral, dressed in black rather than their normal red; and a desolate shot of the Colonies?
  • And last Sunday night, in a very crowded field of excellent television, it was no surprise that The Handmaid’s Tale was recognized as being among the top of the crowd.Golden Globes awards, for Best Actress in a Drama Series, to Elizabeth Moss, and to the show as Best Drama, were very well deserved.


If you haven’t yet watched Season 1 of this timely, and terrific, show, you can get a free trial of Hulu and binge it, in anticipation of Season 2!

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