The Gifted – S1 E11 – 3 X 1 – Review

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Emma and I hope you all had a good holiday season and a happy new year.

This episode is all about the Cuckoos manipulating the mutants in the Underground to convince them one way or another to help with their agenda with the Hellfire Club. The title tells us this because it is the three Cuckoos against the Underground.

Those in the know about the Marvel X-Men Universe are excited about what we have learned during the last two episodes about Esme and her sisters, Sophie and Phoebe. They are clones of Emma Frost, this confirms her existence in the world of The Gifted. “We have no idea if Emma Frost is still alive in The Gifted‘s reality, or if she has gone missing like the X-Men and the Brotherhood. But with her daughters on the series, the chances of seeing Emma have just increased a hundredfold. With Phoebe, Sophie and Esme now all working for a resurgent Hellfire Club, a villainous organization that Emma Frost has long been associated with, it seems entirely possible.”

This episode starts out with a flashback.

Emma: Oh is that Blink?
Alyson: Who?
Emma: Blink
Alyson: Oh

Blink walks out of a theater with a man appearing to be on a date.

Emma: I love her outfit.

Blink unlocks her car and some men come out wearing white crosses on their shirts. These people call themselves “purifiers.” They give off the vibe of white supremacists and the KKK as they vandalize her car and threaten her. The apparent leader of this “purifier” gang asked her date if he is a mutant too. Since he can pass as a human he tells them that he is not a mutant and tells her to run as the purifiers set her car on fire.

Alyson: Oh he’s going to throw her to the wolves.
Emma: Oh how awful.
Alyson: Not cool.

Jumping to the present, we see the Frost sisters sitting across a desk from what seems to be the new head of the Hellfire Club. They discuss the last attack on Sentinel Services and Trask. The man behind the desk expresses how he believes that while trying to build up the Hellfire Club the actions of the three did not help. The three sisters believe that they can convince and manipulate the underground to join or help the Hellfire Club.

From here we see the result of the sisters’ actions. Bring in the tissues because it’s the funerals for Dreamer and Turner’s second in command.

Emma: Oh Dreamer!
Alyson: …God (Under breath)

The funeral is only for Turner’s second in command, despite the fact that there were many other officers who were killed by the cuckoos plan.

Alyson: What about all the other people who were killed?
Emma: They’re not as important.

At the funeral, Turner compares the mutants to Lucifer. That they have a power that must be taken down. It seemed like he was becoming more understanding of the mutants before the attack, but with this death of a friend, he becomes fired up again. We are expecting to see him become possibly more harsh in the future to get his revenge.

After the funerals, Thunderbird is shown crying on the steps of the Underground.

Alyson: Awwww.
Emma: I know it’s super sad but it opens up a possibility of a relationship between him and Blink.
Alyson: True, but it’s sad.

Blink walks out of the building and tells him that Dreamer loved him and that she will be there for him. After having that moment of allowing themselves to be sad, they agree that they must stay focused and take down Trask.

Meanwhile, inside the building, the Struckers talk about leaving the way station and going to Mexico. The kids don’t want to leave. They want to be able to help where it matters and where they can make a real difference. However, they don’t have much choice.
Their conversation is interrupted by the Frost sisters strutting in. They ask for help and defend their actions. They have intel and the Underground has “muscle.” Theoretically they could help each other, but the underground will have to examine their morals.

At the cemetery, Dr Campbell shows up to talk to Agent Turner. He tells him that Trask has some new mysterious program and wants support from Sentinel Services. Knowing Trask’s past, this new program will not be pleasant. We know we should be worried when even the evil scientist admits to inhumane practices.

Back at the Mutant Underground, Andy is in the corner pouting about leaving while drawing pictures of what seems to be a wolf. He and Lauren discuss their parent’s decision to leave and the fact that everyone seems to be whispering about them. Maybe it is the right time to leave.  
The Underground is split. Some believe that the Frost sisters can take their manipulative butts elsewhere, while some believe they can actually help. This split included Marcos and Lorna. Marcos believes they can’t be trusted while Lorna believes that they could be the solution to taking down Trask. While they were having this discussion in their room. she grabbed her stomach like something was wrong.

Alyson: When is she going to start looking pregnant?

After this discussion, we see the Struckers getting prepared to leave. They have a meaningful farewell with Marcos, and Lauren has a last conversation with Blink. She tells Lauren that “hate feeds on fear” and that running away will allow hate to win. Lauren knows this, but she is a minor and has no choice but to stay with her family.

Emma: Now isn’t that the definition of our current political climate
Alyson: Hahahaha, yeah

Back at Trask Industries, Dr. Campbell is showing his new project to Turner. Campbell displays his studies of the power of mutant siblings and the idea of weaponizing them. Turner agrees to let Trask demonstrate this new way of using the mutants in the field.

The Struckers arrive at the next safe house and find that Wes is there helping with security. He and Lauren have a sweet reunion. That night, Andy gets a visit from one of the Frost sisters. He is emotional and wants to be in on the action, thus an easy target for manipulation.

She hypes him up and pumps up his ego saying that mutants may need him more than anyone else. Another easy target is Lorna, and one of the three witches visits her as well. She manipulates Lorna by using her baby as leverage to get information. During their discussion she also says something about Lorna’s father, Magneto, who along with Emma Frost is a key character in the X-Men stories. These three sisters are taking advantage of the most emotionally weak in order to manipulate their way into getting help.

The next morning Lauren helps Wes organize supplies and they have a nice moment. They really are so cute together. We hope their storyline continues.

Alyson: Awwwwww

Back at the Underground headquarters, Lorna is sitting on the stairs facing the vault. She easily closes the heavy metal vault door and tells Marcos she’s feeling really good. We learn that she is bipolar and he seems to be worried that she is having a manic episode. She claims that she isn’t and that she just feels good. It seems that the baby is making her stronger. Like the sibling mutants merging powers, maybe the fetus is merging powers with her and making her power stronger.

Meanwhile the safe-house where the Struckers are staying gets attacked by Trask and Sentinel Services. A pair of mutants are connected by their hands through a metal contraption that merges their blood. Another example of how powerful mutants can be when their powers are combined. These mutants bound together started to blow up the walls of the building. In a frenzy to help out, Andy got too cocky and got knocked out. Wes held up a mirage to hide them while they tried to wake Andy up and escape. Blink, Lorna, Marcos, and Thunderbird showed up to save them. Fortunately they all get out safely and then are guided to safety by the Frost sisters in Andy’s head.

Episode 11 ends with the head of Sentinel Services approving Campbell’s hound program and expressing possible interest in making it a worldwide program for the “common good.” We also see the official pairing up of the Hellfire Club and the Mutant Underground.

The show is taking a two week break but it will air again on January 15th at 7pm central, with a two hour finale event showing the last two episodes of the season, “eXtraction” and “X-roads”.

There is exciting news this week – the show has been renewed for a second season.

Recent news about producer and pilot director, Bryan Singer (also the X-Men franchise) who is facing sexual misconduct allegations, including a recent lawsuit alleging sexual assault, has been reported. According to an article on, Fox executives say they are taking the allegations very seriously and are in discussions about it. 

The Gifted airs on Monday nights on Fox at 8pm CDT.
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