The Gifted – S1 Ep 12 – eXtraction; X-roads – Review

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eXtraction; X-roads is the two hour season finale of The Gifted. The conflict between good and evil is central, will the Mutant Underground join the Stepford Cuckoos in The Hellfire Club? Andy and Lauren are great examples of the conflict as they are struggling to understand how they can and should use their powers. With two hours worth of action, there is a lot to discuss about this final episode of the season. 

This episode starts out with a flashback to four years ago. There is a man sitting in an armchair, obviously very sick and close to death. His brother is reluctant to leave him to go to work for a lecture.

Alyson: Is that Campbell?
Emma: Yeah, that’s Campbell.

At the lecture, Campbell talks about human nature, genetics, and mutants. He talks about how the Neanderthals had larger brains and better genetics for survival, yet the homosapien was the one to survive, despite lesser genes.

Alyson: So he’s comparing mutants to Neanderthals, who became extinct?
Emma: It sounds like it.

We find this very interesting, because it seems Dr. Campbell might have some wrong information. According to an article from the Smithsonian, the Neanderthal did not go extinct due to competition or war with humans, but instead by interbreeding with homosapiens and slowly becoming part of the human species. Maybe the better option would be to accept the Mutants into society and make humanity stronger. Campbell is manipulating the information to fit his needs.

Back at the Underground headquarters, the Stepford Cuckoos are trying to convince them to take the opportunity to kidnap Campbell at a “Humanity Today” summit. Which is essentially an anti-mutant rally. Blink expresses her concern over the morals of kidnapping and one of the Frosts brings up that her past might not be so different. John, Lorna, and Marcos give her a look, but really they can’t say much.

Alyson: Come on, Marcos has quite the checkered past.
Emma: Yeah, he can’t really judge.
Alyson: Nope

Blink chases John down to tell him the truth to her past. Although it wasn’t important for the moment, Blink probably wanted to tell John herself. Honesty is usually the best policy and she told him about her history with the Brotherhood. Although it was in her past and she left the group when she began to disagree with them, John got upset about her hiding it from them and questions her obvious loyalty.

Alyson: What’s the brotherhood?
Emma: Isn’t that the…uh…the whatever the Frost Sisters are a part of the hell…
Alyson: Oh, the Hellfire Club?
Emma: I don’t know, I think so
Alyson: You’re right.
Alyson: A little intolerant for people who are against intolerance.

Andy was reading the book about the Von Strucker’s again when Lauren came up to talk to him. Andy mentioned the Frost sisters and defended them saying that they treat him like an adult. However, he is not an adult, he is only fifteen. He doesn’t know who he is yet and is still malleable and emotionally vulnerable.

Alyson: The weak link thing.
Emma: I don’t know if it’s necessarily a weak link thing, it’s like finding the one that is most emotional which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re weak, it just means they are more susceptible to manipulation.
Alyson: Exactly. And he’s got all that anger
Emma: Right, the emotional.

The Stepford Cuckoos have a plan to sneak into the “Humanity Today” conference and take Lorna, Marcos, Jonathan, and Clarice with them to their opulent and fancy home to prepare. They have beautiful rooms for them to stay in. One of the sisters showed Lorna the room they had prepared for her and Marcos, she took that opportunity to talk to her some more about their mission. She upset Lorna who accidentally destroyed the bed. She then told Lorna that she sees that she is getting stronger. Her comment is very true. “Some people think pregnant women are fragile, but there is nothing stronger than a woman with something to fight for.”

Alyson: Manipulation
Alyson: Oops!
Alyson: I think she’s scaring herself.

The Struckers arrived at Southern Worldwide Insurance, the place of Reed’s mother’s work. They were alerted to the fact that the Sentinel Services and Trask were looking for more information on Reed’s father’s research and were on their way to question her. The Struckers had to get to her first in order to save her from likely torture or accidentally giving them information. Reed and Caitlin went in to get her while Lauren and Andy stayed by the car as lookouts. While acting as lookout, Andy cracks his knuckles and says they have to be prepared to fight. Lauren doesn’t agree with fighting. She believes it would make everything worse. Andy responds with an arrogant attitude believing that because he is a “Von Stucker” and has powers, he should use them. Lauren explains that their “power comes with responsibility.”

Emma: Spiderman!

Her talk with him did not get through his attitude. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Reed were struggling to convince his mother that she needed to leave.

Alyson: I don’t understand why the mom doesn’t just, why she’s arguing so much that she needs to stay and do insurance claims.
Emma: Right.
Alyson: It’s ridiculous.

When Sentinel Services arrived, Andy was ready to fight and instead of hiding and alerting the Struckers that they are there, he provoked them so that they were ready to shoot, and he attacked them.

Emma: Gosh he’s going to make it worse.

When Lauren confronted him and tried to stop him, he turned around and they went after each other. The two of them aiming their considerable power towards each other is a recipe for disaster. That is no way to lay low and stay out of notice.

Alyson: Oh great they’re fighting each other.
Alyson: Oh my god how stupid.

Caitlin and Reed finally convinced Ellen to leave with them and they stopped at a gas station to talk over what to do next. Ellen told them that she was not going to go with them, that she has a friend in Florida who she can go stay with. She had a sweet moment with Lauren who thinks that she doesn’t like them now that they are Mutants. Ellen told her that “it’s true that they are not the same, but they are more.” It’s a really sweet moment.

Alyson: Awww I like that, they aren’t the same, they’re more.

Meanwhile John, Clarice, Lorna, and Marcos were working on the Frost sisters’ plan. The first step was to kidnap someone who was attending the summit.

Alyson: Who’s this person?
Emma: I don’t know, some important person.

The summit opened with a choir of children singing  America, the Beautiful while the senator was introduced. The Underground and the Frost sisters break in while the Senator talks about taking the country back and introducing legislation to “destroy mutants.”

Alyson: Ugh so creepy having kinds sing.
Emma: I hate creepy kids. Creepy kids are the worst.

While Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse are getting ready to enter the building, Jonathan and Clarice have a moment together where he tells her that her past doesn’t matter and that she is one of them. This sweet moment ends in a kiss that we’ve been waiting for.

Emma: Awww they’re having a moment…AAHHH!
Alyson: I was about to say they’re going to kiss.

The Stepford Cuckoos have black suits and white shirts for the Mutants to wear when they infiltrate the conference so that they look like bodyguards.

Alyson: It’s so funny, Marcos’ tie is always loose and.
Emma: His top button
Alyson: His top button is always undone.
Alyson: Now, and Thunderbird doesn’t have a tie and is unbuttoned a bit.
Emma: It’s a thing

John, Marcos, and Clarice walk into the building like badasses and wait for Dr. Campbell to be delivered to them by the elevator. They tried to grab him just as the other elevator was opening with some of the children in it and he used a kid to shield himself from Marcos and Jonathan.

Alyson: *Gasp* Asshole, using children
Alyson: Ahhh! Shit! Creep!

There was a group of guards who appeared from around the corner and began shooting at them. Thunderbird shielded Blink with his body while Marcos hid behind a wall. She got them out of there, but their mission failed.

We haven’t seen Agent Turner so far, but he was working with a few of the hounds to track the Struckers down after they escaped with Ellen and left the Sentinel Services agents injured. He had a couple of them who were linked together and their powers made them perfect trackers.

Alyson: So are they going to use those mutants to follow them all the way to the Underground?
Emma: I have no idea.

When they got back to the sisters’ house, Lorna was sitting there pensively remembering some of the horrible things that have happened to her, when Marcos walked in. He was hopeful and told her that they would find another way. She doesn’t think there is another way. She was horrified by the number of people at the conference and how hateful they were. While Marcos is hopeful she is truly hopeless and despairs the world they will bring their child into. He was telling her that they need to have faith, she doesn’t have any.

Alyson: Sort of feels like a goodbye.
Emma: Yeah.

Lorna went outside and one of the sisters was out there talking to her. She convinced Lorna to go with her and one of the other sisters on a secret mission that they didn’t want Marcos, Clarice or Thunderbird to know about.

Back at the Underground headquarters, Andy was packing up his things. When Reed and Caitlin confronted him, he told them that he was going to go to bunk in another location, that he needed space from his family. He’s beginning to feel at odds with everything they stand for. While he was doing this, Tucker was closing in with his hounds. They were just outside the location where the Underground building was. One of the sentries on top of the building saw them and sounded the alarm. Reed and Caitlin stepped up as leaders and organized an escape plan. They were able to get a group of children out, in a van driven by the Mutant who can make things invisible, and that was the only group that made it out.  Reed took the teenagers that Lorna had been training, to prepare them to defend the building while Caitlin worked with the other Mutants to find a way out through the vault.

Alyson: It’s kinda cool how he made the van disappear.
Emma: She’s a leader.

There is a battle and Sentinel Services is forced back. Reed and the kids are so happy and relieved.

Alyson: You’re not done, don’t relax.

The rest of the conference was cancelled so Campbell and the Senator were getting on a plane to escape to Washington where Campbell was going to convince the legislators to fund his program.

Emma: *Gasp* Are they getting on a plane?
Alyson: Who?
Emma: The mayor and Campbell.
Alyson: You mean the senator?
Emma: Yeah, In a big metal flying machine.
Alyson: Oohhhh.

Campbell was telling the Senator how he got involved with the hound program. His reason was that any mutation can cause terrible things to happen. HIs brother died from Cystic Fibrosis, which is caused by a defective gene, thus his excuse for his hate of the X-gene. That sure is a reach.

Emma: So Cystic Fibrosis is the same as being a mutant?!

Caitlin and the rest of the Mutants broke through the wall of the vault so that they could escape. While they are all scrambling through the opening, Turner had another set of hounds who he unleashed onto the Underground building. It was the two who attacked the other way station where the Struckers found Wes. The only ones who could stop them are Andy and Lauren. They looked at each other and knew that was what needed to happen.

Alyson: Ok, Lauren and Andy could stop them.
Emma: Yeah but they would bring the whole place down.
Alyson: This is going to end in a giant cliffhanger won’t it.
Emma; Probably.
Alyson: Do it do it do it! Go!

While all of that was happening, Lorna and the two Cuckoos were at the airport where the Senator and Campbell were preparing to take off. Lorna was preparing to bring the plane down. Marcos, Jonathan, and Clarice arrived to convince her to stop. But she has to do it. Even though Marcos is trying to convince her that there is a better way, that the X-Men wouldn’t have wanted it that way she feels that killing Campbell is the only way. Marcos said to her, “Our kid has to live in this world.” Her response was, “It’s time to make another world.”

Alyson: I sorta agree with her.
Emma: I don’t know, killing him puts them on the same level as him.

Lorna brought the plane down with a giant burst of power. The crash knocked everyone down. When they recovered, she was gone.

Alyson: This is giving me an anxiety attack.
Emma: It’s kinda predictable.

After this, the show switched to the Sentinel Services headquarters office where Turner was being reprimanded by a supervisor for his giant failure at the Mutant Underground. It was a bit extreme, they did send him in with the hounds, so destruction was definitely a possibility. Turner was very angry with this and he quit.

Alyson: Uh oh he’s going rogue.

The Mutant Underground met back up at the temporary location where the children were taken. Marcos was talking about what their next steps would be, with the headquarters gone they need to rebuild. Most of the Mutants were feeling pretty desolate and felt that there was nothing to rebuild. Marcos tried to remind them that it wasn’t about the building but about the network. Sadly the feelings of many were that their efforts to rebuild would be smashed again. Caitlin tried to convince them that this was not a reason to give up, but a reason to fight harder.

At this point, one of the Cuckoos and Lorna walked in. Lorna was all done up, hair fixed, makeup better, and her clothes were clearly much higher quality.

Alyson: Oh my god seriously?
Emma: The fuck is she wearing?
Alyson: Look at her fancy outfit now.
Emma: Becoming a villain.

She had quite the speech for the group. “There is nothing noble about sacrifice. Sacrifice is a pretty name for losing. The Mutant Underground is dying.” She wants a world were she doesn’t have to hide. She wants to be stronger.

Lorna wanted Marcos to join her, his response was that he loved her but he wouldn’t do that.

Emma: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

The Cuckoo who is with her told them that the people they were there for knew who they were. Then a number of them walked over to them and stood with them. When Andy stood up, Caitlin and Reed were furious. He told them that no one was taking him, he was going by choice and that they had better not try to stop him. He also told them that the Hellfire Club was something that their family was a part of, and he felt that it was the right thing for them to do.

Alyson: Yikes.
Emma: Oh my god! Makes me angry.

We were left with a few end of season cliffhangers. What will happen with the hound program now that Campbell is gone? What will happen with the Mutant Underground? How will they rebuild? How will the Struckers survive being split up? What will Turner do now that he is not a part of Sentinel Services and appears to be going rogue. What will happen with the people who went off with the Cuckoos to join the Hellfire Club? We will see when the show returns next season.



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