DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Daddy Darhkest – Review

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Man, when John Constantine shows up, everything just goes right to hell! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, takes things to a whole new level on last night’s episode: “Daddy Darhkest”. And with Constantine around, you can bet it was full of supernatural exorcisms.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry between Sara and Constantine. There was the usual banter, but there was also some sexual tension. Was anyone else surprised when they decided to do something about that tension? And, while poor Snart was about to be lobotomized? Probably not the best timing for a hook up! And dang, that nurse was super crazy and creepy. Definitely not a place that I would want to be having sex in, while she’s roaming the halls!

Snart being drugged and taken away by the evil nurse! Photo Credit: The CW

Snart being drugged and taken away by the evil nurse! Photo Credit: The CW

Oh and there is psycho Damien Darhke, who has no problem letting Malas enter his daughter’s body and go pure evil on everyone! What kind of dad does that? Well, obviously one who has no heart! I felt so bad for Zari, who wanted so much to believe that she could help the young girl, but it just wasn’t possible. Not when her father was Damien Darhke and he has allowed such a monster to control her. It really just disgusts me and wants me to see him get destroyed. Let’s go Legends, he needs to die!

While chaos is ensuing, Mick is completely fine watching a football game and drinking his beer. Classic Mick. There is even a point where the team comes back on the ship, after Sara and the boys disappear, to try to figure out what should be done. Mick turns, yells directions to all of them and then focuses back on the game. It was fantastic! I had a pretty good chuckle at that. Do not get in between Mick and his football game!

So, it turns out that Malas has a stronger hold on Sara than anyone of us realized. His connection to her becomes evident when they are sent to a different time and he keeps trying to get in her head, which works a few times. She is able to stand strong and get the job done, but it isn’t sounding like things are over for Sara. Constantine has a feeling that Malas is not done with Sara and he let’s his concerns be known to Ray. He warns him that they need to be ready for when she goes dark and Malas has his hooks in her. Will Ray share this information with the rest of the team or keep it to himself? And, does this mean that Constantine will be coming back? I sure hope so because I love him!

Photo Credit: The CW

Photo Credit: The CW

What is with Amaya and her granddaughter, evil water lady? The two of them having be fighting back and forth, but there’s been no real movement forward. I understand Amaya doesn’t want to hurt her because she’s family, but Kuasa does not have that same mentality. She is out for blood. The whole situation is causing tension between Nate and Amaya, which is totally understandable. Nate doesn’t want her to get hurt, but Amaya is certain that she can change Kuasa’s heart. I personally don’t know if that is true, but they did have a long talk while she was onThe Waverider, where they seem to have come to some sort of understanding. I feel like they is too much darkness in Kuasa, that it doesn’t seem like she will ever change her ways. But, we have seen stranger things!

Well, at the end of the episode, we see that another character takes his leave. Snart decides it is time to return home and be with the one loves. Although Snart recently joined this team, he just added another element to the team and it’s one I really loved. I will be sad to see him go, but the leads me to ponder something else. We lost the Professor and Snart has now decided to return back to his home, so that leaves us down a man still. Will they be adding another member to team Legend? Or, is there no one who will be a perfect match for this dysfunctional family?

I felt that “Daddy Darhkest”, really kicked things up another notch and really brought things to a whole other level of creepy. It was dark, intense, but still had its usual funny moments. I think that’s one of the things that I love about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it has everything you want and it all flows so nicely! It was great to have the team back in action and it is obvious there is a war coming, the main target being Sara. I am very excited for the rest of this season and to get a good look at this Malas character. They have kept us in the dark long enough and I can’t wait for the rest of the season!


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