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Need More Star Wars and Solo? Full Length Trailer Posted Today

If you think you can manage to see someone other than Harrison Ford as Han Solo (the Jack Ryan series has been switching actors for years), and you aren’t afraid of overdosing on Star Wars, you may be a good candidate to see the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. Last night during the Super Bowl, we got a tiny little teaser – this morning, a full length trailer was released.

Alden Ehrenriech plays the young Solo, a move that’s making my hyper-critical Stars Wars-loving son hyperventilate, and not in a good way. (There are reports that the production was so concerned about his acting that they halted production and hired an acting coach.) We’ll also get a young Lando, played by Donald Glover. And we only saw him for a moment, but has Chewy aged a day?? Oh, and Woody Harrelson shows up – that should be interesting.

The trailer was debuted on Good Morning America, and ABC News offers a bit of analysis. What happened to the Falcon? What is that snowy planet? Is this where we really want the whole Star Wars story to go, or are we happy just to climb on and go into hyperdrive?

On Twitter this morning, @StarWars dropped some beautiful new poster art:

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25.

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