DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Amazing Grace – Preview

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Someone is messing with the King of Rock ‘n Roll, on Monday’s all new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Who would do such a vile thing? Well, the Darhks of course! They have to be pure evil if they are trying to destroy Elvis and Memphis. The team heads to 1954, to find a way to stop Damien and Nora from destroying Memphis.

“Amazing Grace”, has the Legends fighting the Darhks, once again. And with a town going crazy because of music, things are sure to get interesting. I think maybe we should all take a page out of Mick’s book: grab a beer and smash some evil skulls in! Wally is also heading on his first mission in Monday’s episode. I am really looking forward to seeing what he is capable and what he will bring to the team. Good luck Wally!

The all new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Amazing Grace, will air on Monday, at 8/7c. Don’t forget to tune in for a blast from the past! While we wait, enjoy this sneak peek into the future episode.

Official Synopsis

The Legends embark on a mission to save music when they learn that a tragedy destroyed Memphis in 1954.



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