DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Constantine set to be a regular on Season 4

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If you were waiting for something to just make your Monday fantastic, I have just what you are looking for. John Constantine is to become a regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season 4! Yes, it is now acceptable for you to jump up and down, with glee.

Matt Ryan, who plays the handsome demon hunter, has appeared multiple times on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. After his own show, “Constantine”, was canceled after only one season, the character made an appearance on Arrow and then the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. His next appearance being on tonight’s brand new episode, “Necromancing the Stone”.  There may be a bit of tension on the Waverider, as last time we saw Constantine, Sara and him shacked up in a closet. Oh la-la.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has made a great choice in adding Matt Ryan(John Constantine) as a regular. He is going to add quite a bit of diversity to the team. I thoroughly look forward to seeing him in action with the Legends. Don’t forget to check him out on tonight’s new episode, “Necromancing the Stone”. Things are surely going to get heated!

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J’Dean Meisner