DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: I, Ava – Preview

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And just like that, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, is back! Tonight on, “I, Ava”, we’ll be traveling to a world that is filled with only Avas. Creepy! I don’t know what is going on, but the team is going to have their hands full trying to get themselves out of this mess.

Last week on, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Sara and Ava split up, which was so heartbreaking. But, it looks like there will be no time apart for these two love birds. “I, Ava”, is throwing them right back together again and we all know what that means. Drama, drama, drama! I can’t wait! We also know that Rip was keeping a secret about Ava. Will this be the moment we learn what it is? Is Ava really just some sort of clone? Maybe, an alien? I must know everything!

So, don’t forget to tune in tonight at 8/7c, on the CW for another thrilling ride! The Legends are on fire and it’s only a matter of time before the showdown with Malus is upon us. Until then, my friends, enjoy this little peek into tonight’s brand new episode,”I, Ava”.

Official Synopsis

Sara and Ray set out to find Ava after she disappears and Time Bureau Agent Gary reveals a disturbing truth about her.





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