DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Necromancing the Stone – Review

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It has been a long road for Sara Lance to get where she is now, but “Necromancing the Stone” brought all her darkness back. The fact that she is a totem bearer, isn’t really that surprising nor the fact that it is the Death Totem. I won’t lie, seeing Sara with silver hair and kicking butt was pretty sweet. But, let’s try to keep that Death Totem under control and not let her try to kill the team again. I think we can all agree that would be a very good idea!

The Legends really struggled while they are stuck on the Waverider and being hunted by evil Sara. But, let’s be honest, they made such rookie mistakes! Especially when they kept splitting up. Don’t they know that is the one thing you NEVER do? Even Gary knew that if they stayed together, they would be fine. Gary really added a lot of fun moments in, “Necromancing the Stone”. I loved his analogies of D&D. It was glorious! At the end of the show, we see Gary starting off a campaign and it moves over to Constantine, who is joining the game. It can’t get any better than that! I hope Gary continues to show up from time to time. He is such a goof, but I really enjoy when he is around. Keep being you, Gary! Keep being you!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow not only gave us one totem bearer, but two! Turns out the Fire Totem was made for Mick Rory. What are the odds! I was so excited when Mick was chosen to wear the Fire Totem. He may not view himself as a hero, but when push comes to shove, Mick comes through for his team. He also fights back the evil that is trying to take over the world. In my opinion, that qualifies him as a hero! Seeing the totem light him up and just give him that extra power was so cool. And, flinging those fire balls at Sara was amazing! I can’t wait to see him use this power more.

There was a lot of fun banter between Constantine and Ava. Ava was completely jealous that he had a close connection with Sara, but it was their will to save her that made all the difference. Especially Ava, in the end. She called and called for Sara to come back. Ava was able to reach Sara more than anyone else and in the end, Sara denied the dark temptations that Nora and Malas were offering her. She chose love, friendship and all that comes with being in this world. Sara was strong and took strength from all of those things.

Now, even though Sara was able to fight back the darkness and Malas, she still kind of sabotaged herself with Ava. Instead of keeping the love and happiness she felt, Sara pushed it away again. She feels that she isn’t good enough to have those things and that Ava deserves better. In my mind, that is exactly what Malas would want too. I don’t think this is the end of Ava and Sara, but hearts are obviously broken. It may be a long road to mend them. Also, Ava has a secret and we must know what it is!

The battle may have been won this time around, but Malas is still getting stronger and it is only a matter of time before he is released. That’s my opinion anyways. There is no way that the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would build up Malas to where he is a dreaded evil, not to have him break free of his prison. Hopefully Mick will learn how to wield his totem before then. And, will Sara bring out the Death Totem in the final battle? Is Malas done trying to get to Sara or will he take her under, once more? When will we find out what Ava’s secret is? There are still so many things just hanging in the air that we need answers to! Next week’s episode seems so far away, but I know the wait will be worth it. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is back with an all new episode, next Monday. Don’t miss it!


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