DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: No Country for Old Dads – Preview

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is all new tonight! And things are looking pretty bleak for Ray. Last week we saw that his guilt was just too much for him to bare, so he went to save Nora. Unfortunately, his big heart seems to get him into a lot of trouble. After he saved her life, Nora tried to kill him. Looks like she doesn’t want to be friends, Ray. Thanks to daddy dearest, Ray is still alive, but who knows what evil plan they have for him.

Wally and Rip are going to make an appearance tonight on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “No Country for Old Dads”. I don’t think Rip is going to get the warmest of welcomes after all the lies and stunts he’s pulled. Will the team be able to accept the help he is offering? Or, will all of his betrayals be too much for the team to overlook? I am looking forward to seeing Wally join the Legends and see how he fits in with everyone. He seems young, but he may just work out nicely in this misfit group.

So, in preparation for tonight’s episode and to wet your appetite a bit, enjoy this interesting clip! It just makes me so excited to see the Legends on, “No Country for Old Dads”. Tonight on the CW, at 8/7c, don’t miss out on the most epic rescue mission that there ever was!





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