Free! Take Your Marks – Review

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Splash into the fun-filled sequel to Free! -Eternal Summer-where your favorite swimming boys are back and warming up for their future. Funimation brought the latest theatrical release from the Free! series to the US in english subtitle. It was a one day only event, March 14. The film is a sequel to the end of season 2 as the seniors prepare for the future.


Haru and Makoto are prepping to move to Tokyo, which means finding a new place to live! While they’re off searching, Nagisa, Rei, and Gou are left to come up with something big to enlist new Iwatobi club members. But can they fill the pool, or is the club’s future sinking fast?

Meanwhile, the boys of Samezuka are having their own time getting ready for the future! While Rin prepares for his move to Australia and Sosuke moves out of the dorm, Nitori and Momo want to do something big to thank their senpais. A visit to the hot springs should do the trick, right? But a misunderstanding about Gou could leave Rin unsettled, and only a challenge in the water will set his mind at ease!


Take Your Marks fills in the gaps as our leads transition from senior year of high school into college. Overall the film itself was more a slice of life filler than sports anime. The only real swim competition we got was at the very end which was basically a misunderstanding of what they were swimming for. All of that being said, it was still a decent watch to give our characters a bit more backstory and fleshing out.

We were also introduced to a lot of back characters from their past. The advantage here is that it is clear they are setting us up for season 3, which was announced for Summer 2018. I have been on a kick lately for sports anime after getting into the genre with Yuri On Ice.

Overall I would give the film a stream or buy on DVD/Blu-ray. I don’t know that enough happens to be worth a movie ticket. The film was brought to the US subbed by Funimation for a one day only event, so the ability to see it in theaters was very limited.

The anime itself is worth a watch, if you love swimming as a sport or slice of life anime. You can pick up seasons 1 and 2 over at

Robert Prentice