iZombie: A Quick Season 4 Recap/Review

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Stuck in Seattle

Welcome back iZombie fans!  I know it has been a while since we’ve covered this show in any capacity (aside from our San Diego Comic Con cast interviews: find those here) so I’m excited to get into some thoughts and theories! Also, spoilers ahead!

From the Top

We jump back into iZombie season four with Fillmore Graves running the show.  Zombies are rampant in Seattle and the wall is up “protecting” the rest of America from the threat.  A lot has changed for our main characters.  From Babineaux accepting the zombies around him, even dating one, to Blaine running a restaurant with brains as the main course.  It has been a fun journey so far.


Liv and Ravi make a killer team

The main focus of season 4 so far is the Coyotes getting people in and out of Seattle.  One was a serial killer and another is a kind woman who just wants to help people.  Ravi, suave as can be, caught the serial killer with his acting, which was amazing!  This brings up something though, what is the justice system for zombies like?  Are they innocent until proven guilty even when it comes to going full-zombie?  I would assume the crimes committed not in full-zombie mode are still handled the same way, but inquiring minds want to know!  The second Coyote was discovered by Blaine and delivered straight into the hand of Chase Graves.  I’m worried what his plans are for her.  She’s only trying to help the people of Seattle!


Ravi eating that brain really got shoved under the rug, didn’t it?  Once a month our beloved Brit apparently feels like eating brains, so what does that mean for him and the cure?  He was on nudist brain for a bit, amazing, but it seemed to go away without warning.  Does he have to keep taking the cure every time?  So many unanswered questions already!  I love his relationship with Peyton right now; the “will they, won’t they” is just cute enough to make it seem less cliché.  I wonder what his partial zombie-ism will mean for their physical relationship.  We’ll just have to wait and see!

On that note, I really love our four main characters.  Especially at the end of “Brainless in Seattle Pt 2” when they were having the dance off.  I like that the Scratching Post can have a night like that where humans and zombies can come together peacefully, but knowing iZombie it wont last for much longer!


Craziest brain award goes to…

Liv on these brains has been something else!  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again Rose McIver’s acting skills are second to none!  She sells every brain and makes it feel so natural, all while being completely over the top!  I know she’s only been on three brains so far, but they’ve all been unique and wonky.  Liv going full-zom on that 9ers fan was actually scary!  Of course, the evil rich woman brain was whacked out especially because of how she treated Babineaux, but she was still gold in that role.  The hopeless romantic was super cute and every time she had that “movie moment” I found myself in hysterics, especially with the Vanilla Extract, too funny!

In God-bie We Trust?

Well, Blaine’s dad really fell off the rocker this season.  I guess being tortured in a well by your son can really do a number on you.  Angus returns to the world as a prophet of sorts.  He stumbles his way into this church for zombies, run by a human.  Seeing the irony in this Angus decides, “we don’t need no stinkin’ humans”, and subsequently eats him.  Now, Pastor Angus is teaching zombies across Seattle the error of Fillmore Graves’ ways.  If you think about it, Angus really does make a good point.  Fillmore Graves is sitting untouched, unchecked, at the top, filling their stomachs while zombies on the streets are going hungry.  This could be, is, a commentary on today’s social issues, but I’m not here to get into politics.


The Prophet

On the other side we have Major, who is just trying to get by.  He has new recruits who are totally loose cannon and I have a feeling that video will be a major turning point in Fillmore Graves’ hand in this new world.  Poor Major just can’t seem to catch a break.  He’s really trying to just do good and protect his loved ones, but he really seems to be screwing it up.  I don’t particularly want to see him back with Liv, but I also don’t want to see him with anyone else.  Weird double-standards I know.


Fabulous Four

Many More to Come for iZombie

Four episodes in to iZombie season four and I’m so happy to be back on track with this show.  I am excited to see where it goes and how each character is going to deal with everything that is coming.  With the potential of Fillmore Graves being on the cusp of losing everything I wonder what Chase’s move with the Coyote will be.  Also, Blaine is on his own side, but in the end he’ll have to choose between good and bad.  Which way will he go?  How will he react when he finds out his dad is free and running a new show?!  I look forward to the rest of this journey and bringing you, dear readers, along with me!


Do you have any theories about season four’s future? Sound off in the comments below!

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