Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments – The Powers That Be – Review

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Didn’t I warn you that last night’s episode was going to be awesome? The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instrument, did not disappoint. For me this episode was all about Magnus and Alec. The two had to work together and overcome some serious trials, but they did it. Plus, they wee just so sweet with each other. And Magnus was quite spectacular, as always!

“The Powers That Be”, sent us into a whirlwind of drama, right off the bat. Magnus and Alec head to a party for the new High Warlock, Lorenzo, whom as it turns out, does not like Magnus. I think the feeling is very mutual. Things get very heated when someone messes with the lay-lines and Lorenzo is sure it is Magnus. Which makes sense considering the only other person who knows how to do that is, Magnus’ father, who is  apparently a demon prince. Hmm….does that mean Magnus is royalty? Prince Magnus. I like it! Magnus and Alec come up with a sneaky, undercover plan to prove Lorenzo wrong. The good news is that it for sure not Magnus or his father, the bad news…it’s a very old and very scary magic. Something Magnus has never seen before.


Magnus wielding his magic is always a treat for us to see. Even in the scariest of situations, he doesn’t falter and holds his own. I was really impressed with Alec and him, working together even when it looked like they might not succeed. They trusted each other to get the job done and it paid off! I have always been a fan of Magnus and tonight was no exception. If it weren’t for these two handsome men, the Institute would be gone. And like any other relationship,Magnus is worried that Alec will think less of him because of who is father is. And here is when all the mushy feels come at you! Alec’s response was perfect,” I don’t care who your father is, I care about who you are”.  Oh my gosh! Isn’t it just so romantic?

Double Date?

Well, if there is one way to ruin a date, it’s by accidentally going to the same restaurant as your exes. Yep, that’s awkward! The best part of that whole dinner was when it came tp light that Jace and Maya had hooked up. Oops! Probably shouldn’t have mentioned that butterfly tattoo, Jace. Even though the dinner did not go how any of them had planned, it turned out that they all realized that what mattered was who they were with right now. It was actually very sweet and romantic. Jace wanted Clary to know that she is special and he didn’t want to do anything to ruin what they have. I think that is just the best thing ever! Who knew Jace could be such a sweetheart? Although, maybe he should have told her about the murderous dreams he’s been having! But, what do I know.


Looks like not everyone is happy for Simon and Maya. Stupid werewolf, doesn’t that big jerk know who he’s messing with? No? Bet he does now! We finally see what that mark on Simon’s head does and it is pretty sweet. Simon is untouchable and it was awesome! Well, maybe not for the guy that just got smashed into the truck. The Seelie Queen put a protection on Simon? That seems very strange. The Seelie Queen is not one to do any sort of kindness to anyone. I wonder what she is up to.

Speaking of women who are up to something, Lilith is up to no good and boy, I love it! She’s just standing there in front of her alter, slicing throats and bleeding her minions dry. Her magic may be old, but it sure kicks butt! Lilith is working her magic, but her true plan hasn’t been revealed. It looks like she is trying to crumble the fault lines as well as, turn downworlders and shadowhunters against each other. There has to be more to it, though. And she did not look happy that her plans have been thwarted. What will she do next?


“The Powers That Be”, introduced us to a new character and teased us with how dangerous Lilith is going to be. With Lorenzo out to ruin Magnus, things are only going to get worse. If everyone is fighting with each other, how are they going to stand up to Lilith. It is only the second episode for this season and I would say that it is off to a fantastic start! The writers of, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, are just pulling us in and the further we get, the harder it will be to emerge. But, I say, bring on the darkness and the magic! I am ready to see where this trail is going to take us in the rest of the season!


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