The 100 Season 5 Official Extended Trailer

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War is coming, again. We finally have an extended trailer for the new season of The 100 after a mostly recap trailer at 2017 San Diego Comic Con. We last left the group split as Octavia was underground with leaders and members of the other ground tribes. Clarke ended up stranded on the ground as the next wave of nuclear fall out was nearing. She managed to help get her friends up into space at the last minute.

The new teaser for the 5th season of the show explores what the ground looks like after a second praimfaya. One valley remains untouched by the radiation and that sparks a fight over what little untainted land remains. A ship from another ship in space lands, and is a prison ship full of former military and convicts. The crew in space is cautious to let them know anyone is in the ring. On the ground Octavia has to continue to fight for respect as she tries to remain a leader of one tribe.

I recently interviewed the cast of the show at Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta. During our panel we discussed who felt they would survive a real nuclear apocalypse and whether they would stay in the bunker or go into space. Most felt they wouldn’t survive but those that did said they would prefer space over the bunker. Check out some of our panel photos (Courtesy of Dragon Con Track Director Shannon Chestnut) below.

Tell us what you think about the new trailer and look for the new season of The 100 to arrive April 24th on The CW.

Robert Prentice