Walking Dead “Do Not Send Us Astray” Review

To quote Maggie, “Here we go.” It’s my first Three If By Space review. Happy to be here with all you fellow Deadites!

I confess, sometimes I am a skim watcher, often multi-tasking while watching even my favorite TV shows. Not so with Do Not Send Us Astray! I was glued to the screen from the moment Dead Gavin first appeared to Morgan, through the best battle sequence I’ve seen in a while then Carol once again having another Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, until the end, when Rick walked away from Michonne.

Even knowing from Episode 12 that a massive battle was coming, I was still impressed by the fierceness with which it raged. Maggie’s strategy was right on but there was one thing she didn’t see coming – the Savior’s ‘something in between’ insidious strategy that wreaked havoc on the Hilltop.

Yes, the Saviors gave Hilltop a run for their money, including interrupting their sleepover with a rude awakening, but the Hilltop hung in ‘til the Saviors finally turned tail and ran. Was it me, or was anyone else disappointed that Negan didn’t magically appear?

Burning Questions

And that’s not my only question. I need to know…

    1. Morgan, what_is_it?! WTH could Dead Gavin be talking about in your hallucinations?
      “You KNOW what it is! YOU were supposed to!”
      Surely Dead Gavin was referring to the fact that Henry snuck up from behind and killed him before you could do it.

  1. Regarding Henry, where, oh, where could you be? Did you sneak off with the prisoners who ran? Or maybe we’ll see you next as a Juvey Walker?
    I think you ran to continue your quest to find Brother Ben’s killer.
  1. Where else have I seen you, Alden (Callan McAuliffe)? I swear I recognize your voice!
    Finally, a solid answer. IMDb held the answer to this one – The Great Gatsby. He was the young Jay Gatsby.
  1. Carol, you have the biggest heart in the world, why do you always get the short end of the stick, like again having to kill another person you care about, this time your boyfriend Walker Tobin? And Henry goes missing, too?!
    Carol, I am clueless here. There must be some twisted psychological ethos at play. I hope you never have kill someone, or the shell of someone, you love. Never. Ever. Again.

  1. On that insidious infection technique, Eugene spurred Negan’s imagination back in Episode 11, Dead or Alive Or, right?
    Attacking Hilltop from within during their sleepover was brilliantly dreadful. Negan, Eugene may have helped but it’s yet another of your sick ideas. Just one more reason for Maggie to find you and exact her revenge.

  1. Speaking of Negan, where, oh, where could YOU be? Does Jadis have you stowed away or did she put you out of your misery?
    OK, I know the answer but don’t want to be a spoilery spoiler. If you wanna know before Episode 814, check out the preview.
  1. Tara, are you a goner or did Dwight have a clean arrow for you?
    My jury is still out on Dwight but I think he may have just given you a bye, Tara.
  1. Enid, what exactly is at the top of your agenda?
    My jury is still out on you, too. I’ve never been able to bring myself to trust you.

Impatiently waiting for the answers to unfold. Maybe you have other theories? If so, please share!


Despite all my questions, we did get some certainty during this episode. Here’s What I Know for Sure after watching Episode 813.

  • People who don’t know s**t can sometimes be smarter than people who don’t know enough. Siddiq survived, Dana didn’t.
  • Maggie could give an Eagle Scout a run for their money. She takes the Be Prepared motto to heart and get things done right. She’s a good leader who cares about people.

  • Daryl and his motorcycle dominate. Is their anything better than him riding in, gun blazing, starting the fight?

  • Dwight hates playing Simon Says. If Negan is alive, a sad situation will surely eventuate for Sneaky Simon.
  • Rick and Maggie are desperately seeking Negan. Rick came so_close last week. From the look in his eye sitting on the steps and the way he walked off at the end, I foresee another cool Rick Trick on the horizon.

  • Bear McCreary is a musical genius. His music punctuated with well-placed moments of silence clued us in on the horrors to come. Well, I’ve known this one for a while. Have you heard his Black Sails and Outlander soundtracks?? I say buy_all_the_Bear_music now!

That’s all I have this week. What questions linger for you? Anything you picked up for_sure that you’d like to share?

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