DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Guest Starring John Noble – Preview

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Bring it on, Grodd! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have one hell of a beast to tame, on tonight’s episode and I mean that literally. Grodd is out to destroy everything in his path and he has his sight’s set on one specific person. President Obama? Is that you? Run man, run! Or, not. What is Grodd doing with the young Obama? Hope the Legends can handle this with care!

Then, again, nothing is ever easy for our Legends. Tonight, on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, there is not only one anachronism, but two! Geeze, these guys need a serious vacation. With two anachronisms, Mallus is getting closer and closer to being free. Even with the Legends working over time, there is only a matter of time before he is free. Will the Legends be able to fix these anachronisms? Is this the moment that Mallus is released from his prison? I just can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

If you are as anxious as I am, to find out what happens, join me in watching the brand new episode tonight! Tune in at 8/7c, on The CW, as we watch the Legends fight for all that is good in our world!

Official Synopsis

The Legends must fix two anachronisms at the same time to keep Mallus at bay and form an uneasy alliance with one of their enemies.



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