DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Guest Starring John Noble – Review

Last night was a lot of fun, with a couple of surprises along the way. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, brought to us one of the greatest actors around, John Noble, as himself. If you are as big of a Lord of The Rings fan like I am, then you were completely giddy with excitement when he showed up. Plus, a very young Barrack Obama, running for his life. Yes, it was a glorious episode!

Anachronisms Galore

Before we get into that, there is the matter of Amaya, who took a little trip all on her own. She went back to Zambesi in 1922, to try to stop the genocide of her people. When the Legends find out what she has done, Nate and Wally chase after her in the hopes of getting her to change her mind. As we all know, changing history never bodes well, plus there’s that little situation of not letting Mallus escape his prison. What is wrong with her?

So, that’s one anachronism that needs to be stopped, let’s jump to number two! Anyone missing a gorilla named, Grodd? If you are, I found him trying to, “Make America Grodd Again”, by choking Barrack Obama to death. That’s right, we got to meet the young Barrack, “Barry”, in 1979. Good thing the Legends arrived in time because the Presidential history would have looked very different! With Grodd being zapped into, itty bitty size, Mallus is unable to come out of his shell. For now.

Let’s talk about Mallus being released, for a second. Turns out, once he is free, there will be no more Nora. Damien Darhk is not pleased with the deal he made with the devil, but it looks like it is too late. Or, is it? Damien turns to the Legends and asks for their help. He is willing to do whatever it takes in order to save his little girl. It takes Sara a while to get on board with the new joint effort, but no one can blame her for that. He did kill her sister and has tried multiple times to destroy all of them. Poor Mick, he just wanted to torch the bastard, but no such luck. Yay, team!

The Legends decide that they should free Mallus and then use the 6 totems to destroy him. This would mean that they have to trick Nora into doing what they want in order to capture her. How will they manage that? Well, all they need to do is have Ray shrink down, get into Nora’s ear and have a little chit-chat. One problem…Who can emulate Mallus’ voice? Cue Mick, watching Lord of the Rings and John Noble is doing his part as Denethor. His voice is perfect! He’s so good at being bad. I love it. Ray time travels to talk to John Noble and has him do a little script reading. And just like that, the plan is in full motion and it’s so easy to get Nora to do what they want. Glorious!

Uh Oh!

In true, good ol’ Legends fashion, things went south very quick. Amaya had set her daughter on the right path to accepting her heritage and the rest of the team had suited up with a totem, alongside Damien. They had Nora, thanks to a very sneaky dad and the wonderful voice of John Noble, as Mallus. Everything was going to plan, Mallus was going to be free and the Legends would use their totems to destroy him. Or, so they thought. Leave it to Damien to backstab them, once again. He really can’t help himself! Although, he is doing it because he loves his daughter. So, that makes it a little better. Maybe?

With the betrayal of Darhk, Mallus is free and there is nothing to stop him from tearing up Nora’s body. He has no use for that vessel and wastes no time in shedding it. It was insane! I was cringing and groaning because it was so painful to watch. Plus, I felt a little pain for Damien, who no longer has any chance in saving Nora. Nora is gone, Mallus is free, and Grodd is destroying Amaya’s village. How are they going to come back from this?

The end of this episode was brutal. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow completely destroyed us with this episode and it isn’t even the season finale! What the heck is up with that? I have no idea how the Legends are going to fix this, but I know it will happen.They will do what they do best, improvise! Make sure you tune if for the season finale, next week on The CW at 8/7c. Mallus is going down!


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