DC’s Legends of Tomorrw – Renewed for Season 4!

Fantastic news, everyone! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has officially been renewed for season 4. Hallelujah! There had been chatter that it was going to be renewed, but The CW has officially confirmed it. Although, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise with how great Season 3 has been doing.

Season 3 has seen many changes when it comes to the team. Jax and Professor Stein are no longer with the Legends, but we now have Zari and Wally. Fans have also been very excited when John Constantine was mentioned to be joining season 4, as a regular. Now that things are official, we will be anxiously awaiting to see what his role will be with the Legends.

There are still a couple of episodes left for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season 3, with a new episode tonight at 8/7c. The Legends have multiple loose ends to tie up and it will be fun to see where this season ends, plus, where the next one takes us!


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