Fear Returns This Sunday! Season 4 Premiere Explodes!

If you haven’t noticed, Fear The Walking Dead is set to return this Sunday on AMC. And it is a return like no other! Season 4 of Fear will bring the long anticipated crossover from our other ZA world. Morgan Jones will span the Walking Dead universe, and dig in his heels, in the “other show”.  And you will not be disappointed!

When we last saw the Fear world, Nick had just blown up the dam, and family was scattered apart. If you expect to pick up where we left off, forget it! In this Fear season, time has jumped. Significantly!. The very first episode will focus on Morgan. You will be amazed at what this episode brings! We will see all sorts of things that you don’t expect. There are even a few VERY surprising moments! You will never again regret the crossover idea. Take it from me. I was a no crossover person! I stand corrected on that front. I LOVE IT! And you will too!

After the “all out war” in Walking Dead season 8, Morgan takes a road trip and ends up in Texas. Here, we all get to meet some interesting new characters. Althea, Al for short, is a bad as loner. She will steal your heart! John is a quiet man, who is searching for someone. He is a little on the odd side. Naomi, is a scary woman. We don’t yet know what she has gone thru, but will she be an asset or foe? Tune in on Sunday night, to meet the first of these new people in Morgan’s life.

Here is some of what to expect this season on Fear!


Here are the first 3 minutes of episode 1!

Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, April 15th on AMC.

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