Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments – “Stronger Than Heaven” – Review

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Well, that was one very interesting episode. I hated so much of it, but I loved all of it! How is that even possible? The writers of, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, are seriously trying to give me heart palpitations!

The Men

Nothing causes issues like realizing your boyfriend was reminiscing over old lovers. That seriously puts a damper on things. Now, it’s understandable that Magnus has had other relationships before Alec. Even Alec gets that, but I think finding a box of memorabilia of those relationships where the other person died, is a bit much for anyone. Alec, the great guy that he is, admits to Magnus that he went snooping and opened this private box. Of course, Magnus already knew, but it was admirable for Alec to confess his sin. They have a moment of hashing it out and Magnus gives his reason as to why he has them, but it’s understandable that Alec doesn’t want to just be another keepsake in that box. The words out of Alec’s mouth may have said he agrees, but that little look he has when his back is Magnus, tells us a very different story. There is going to be a time where Alec will die and Magnus will continue to live. He will possibly even find another person to love. Either, Alec accepts this or the relationship will fail.

The cat’s out of the bag, ladies and gentlemen. Or, should I say, the dog. While Jace was trying to help Simon figure out who was sabotaging him, Kyle’s true identity came to light. Through a bit of sneaking around (what is it with the guys snooping into other people’s things?) Jace uncovers that Kyle is actually a werewolf. And let’s just say, Simon is not very pleased about being lied to. Kyle is a part of the Praetor Lupus, which deals with things that are unusual. His job was to keep Simon secluded and everyone safe. Despite being able to move past things, Simon was still not pleased with having been tricked. But, I have a feeling that these two are going to become great friends. Oh, the adventures they are going to have!


Is there anything Clary can’t do? I mean, she can draw runes without even seeing them, she’s a badass fighter, and she can call on an angel. Holy crap! I am seriously impressed. In her attempt to find a way to save Jace, she goes to Luke’s sister, who was an Iron Sister.While all this is going on, Clary is working on summoning an angel. With the help of Luke and his sister, Clary is left alone with the knowledge that this could either go well or very badly for her. Thankfully, it goes well. The angel is not angry with her and actually states, ” I am here for you”. That is so cool. Clary wants to know why Jace is losing his mind and right as Ithuriel was telling her that the Owl had a master, a demon fist goes through his chest and rips his heart out! I was in complete shock.

As Clary is laying on the ground from the explosion that was caused when Ithuriel exploded, this creature(Lilith), gets closer. Lilith is able to get a piece of Clary’s soul and disappears into the night. Dang Lilith, you are seriously vicious. I don’t know how the Shadowhunters are going take her down. I am actually a little worried.

And then…Lilith

Jace makes his way to where Simon is about to play his gig, all the while, trying to get ahold of Clary. Now, remember, Jace has made the decision to go to the City of Bones in the hopes that the Silent Brothers would be able to help him. Yeah, well, Lilith obviously has other plans because who sidled up to Jace and asks him to get her a drink. As his back is turned, she dumps that anti-love potion into his drink. Doesn’t it just make your stomach turn? I just want to yell at him and tell him what is happening! And just like that, Lilith has complete control over her Owl. This is not going to end well.


With Lilith having full control over Jace and Clary having absolutely no idea what’s happening back at home, things are going to get very sticky. Not to mention, Magnus and Alec are having a little issue of their own. Even if Magnus thinks everything is fine. Trust me on this one, pal, it’s about to get ten times worse! I also wonder what Izzy’s doctor friend is really up to. Is he has perfect as he seems? Or, is he hiding his true identity? Could he be apart of Lilith’s master plan? Will Jace and Clary be able to survive what is about to happen? So many possibilities and I just have to know! Please let there be a happy ending after all of this!

The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, returns next Tuesday with brand new episode. Make sure you tune in to see what trouble Lilith and her little pet will stir up!


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