Shadowhunters: Thy Soul Instructed – Preview

There’s nothing like being the slave to a psycho demon who will eventually kill you. Poor Jace, he’s not going crazy, he’s just under massive mind control! Shadowhunters: “Thy Soul Instructed”, is pulling out all the stops and Jace is paying heavily for them. Lilith has Jace bringing disciples to her in order to bring her son, Jonathan, back. Yet, apparently her plan doesn’t stop there. Lilith has every intention of disposing of Jace once her mission is complete. Yikes!

Last week, we saw a very blood thirsty vampire, escape Raphael’s. She’s on the hunt for her sire. Anyone remember who that is? Simon! She has located his residency, but thankfully Simon was no where to be found. This chick is seriously creepy. What is going to happen when she finds him? Or, will Raphael find her before it’s too late? I think she may need a stake through the heart.

Don’t miss out on an all new episode of Shadowhunters! “Thy Soul Instructed”, airs tomorrow night at 8/7c, on Freeform. Things are about to go crazy!



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