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By: Michelle Harvey
preview season 3 syfy The Expanse

The Expanse brings us “Assured Destruction” – and at only three episodes in, be ready to have your world rocked once again. If you thought the war had already started brace yourself, because things are only just starting to heat up. The battle between Earth and Mars has already been costly, how many more will suffer while the truth is hidden away? Meanwhile, the Roci crew deal with a hot-headed Bobbie and wounded Avasarala.  Trying to figure out just how these two fit into the bigger picture and why they ended up here. More secrets about the protomolecule come to light, but we are far from knowing the full power that lies within.

Press Release:

As Earth strategizes a costly ploy to gain advantage in the war against Mars, Anna struggles to convince Sorrento-Gillis to do the right thing. Avasarala and Bobbie seek refuge aboard the Rocinante.

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The Expanse airs Wednesday night, at 9/8c on SYFY

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