The Walking Dead 815 Preview – “Worth” Will be Worth The Watch

By: Karen Kennedy Rutledge
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I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little Negan-style freaky-deaky action in The Walking Dead Episode 815, “Worth,” cause Daddy’s home and he brought surprises. Whose name does Daddy N have on the biggest and best surprise of all? Will it be Sneaky Simon, Deceptive Dwight, or maybe both?

BTW, I still can’t believe Jadis let Negan go. As comedian Ron Funches said of her poor decision on Talking Dead, “When you got the bad guy, you kill him. That’s rule number one.” Their whole RDT still bugs!

But back to what nine-lives Negan has in store for the Saviors, and for the Hilltop. I foresee Daddy N mentally playing his creepy ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Moe’ game with Dwight and Simon, and Simon winning the Lucille surprise. Then he makes plans that take advantage of Simon’s order to make ALL the bullets so he can encircle the Hilltop compound and, probably in the Finale, launch another insidious infection infiltration designed to eradicate our heroes. Worry about crossfire much?


I’m definitely worried about how things will go with Rick and Morgan. We know ‘not right Morgan’ is somehow out but is it possible that we will also lose ‘liar, liar, pants on fire Rick’ as well? BTW, Rick breaking his promises to Michonne and those Saviors – worst April Fools jokes ever!

Can’t wait to see Negan’s hitchhiker. Heard a rumor that it’s a female Savior we haven’t seen for a few episodes. Any guesses?

And what’s in store for the Bullet Maker? Will Daryl and Rosita be the end of him??

Even if I’m totally wrong about every little thing, I know it will still be worth the watch! Is it Sunday yet?

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