Amazon Officially Renews The Expanse for Season 4

Amazon Officially Renews The Expanse for Season 4

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Not even cancellation can stop the protomolecule.

With a shocking cancellation from Syfy, The Expanse appeared to be cut down in its prime. Weaving its way through what has been the series’ best season do date, the idea of it ending prematurely was hard to take. But one common thread that runs through all genre fare is the love, strength, and unity of the fans. Fans of The Expanse were clearly no exception … and that paid off.

Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtag #SaveTheExpanse and the online petition has over 130,000 signatures as of the time of this writing. And now it’s been confirmed that Amazon has picked up The Expanse for a fourth season. Here’s hoping the show finds even greater success in its new home and many more seasons to come.

In case you’re still doubtful that this is really happening, YouTube user Austin Baker has posted the following video. In the short snippet, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, a huge fan of the books, announces it himself earlier this evening (Friday, May 25). You may need to turn the volume up a bit to hear him clearly, but once the crowd erupts with joy things get really loud!

Alcon Entertainment, the production company that makes The Expanse also tweeted out the good news.

Don’t think you, the fans, were forgotten – far from it. Alcon also tweeted out a thanks to the head of the company and to everyone who showed their support on social media. They were paying attention, and apparently so was Amazon.

Ben Roberts, Senior Vice President of TV with Alcon Entertainment and Co-Executive Producer of The Expanse also tweeted confirmation.

I believe we now have more confirmation than is necessary to launch ballistic missiles. It’s probably safe to say we can all finally stop and smell the space lasagna. It’ll keep us busy until The Expanse returns for season 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Expanse season 4 will be shown on Amazon (Time TBD)

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