Dark Matter 401

Dark Matter 401, Act 1 Is Here To Read Right Now!

By: Tom Gardiner
Dark Matter Raza season 4

The Raza Crew, as we fans of Dark Matter have come to call ourselves, are a loyal bunch. We never missed an episode or a chance to live tweet. Showrunner Joseph Mallozzi is one of the most generous people we know, and he continually shared BTS tidbits, teases, & more with us, his trusty crew. We, in turn, thanked him by doing what we love: Watching Dark Matter and being loud on social media.

Ours was the easy job.

We knew Joe had a five-year story arc, one that was planned meticulously. He had years to craft and refine the story of our favorite space family and it showed in the quality and intricacy of the tale.

Fans responded, making Dark Matter one of The-Network-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s most watched shows ever. Each installment took us deeper into this wonderful reality Joe and Paul (Mullie) had created. And every time we watched, we were shocked, surprised, and entertained beyond expectation. Even as our level of expectation grew over time, somehow it was always exceeded … and we were always grateful.

All outward indications pointed to a full five-year run of Dark Matter with a satisfying conclusion for a loyal and vocal crew. Ratings were the best that so-called network had at the time, fans were as vocal as any group of fans has ever been, and it was a perfect fit on Friday nights.

Then television executives happened.

Dark Matter 401Fully expecting a fourth (and subsequently, fifth) season, we were all truly blindsided by the – and I use this word as correctly as it has ever been used – INCONCEIVABLE decision to not renew Dark Matter. We were all deeply devastated by the non-announcement that the show would not continue. (Yes, the network still hasn’t formally announced the cancellation.)

They say the power of human intellect is amazing, and it is. However, the power of human stupidity makes intellect look like a fart in a fan factory – a conscious effort overwhelmed by a mindless, droning force. If you tune into “that network” you’ll still find a few quality shows. Unfortunately, you’ll also notice that number is quickly dwindling. It’s the network equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

We’ve all been wishing Dark Matter would get picked up by another outlet, but until then a “workaround” exists. Being the generous person he is, Joe Mallozzi is actually tweeting episode 401. It began with act one, embedded below, with the promise of more should fans desire … and boy do we desire!

So grab a mug of hot chocolate and your favorite color of protein bar, then get ready for the season four premiere of Dark Matter, live(ish) and in living color on Twitter. Here’s the entirety of act one from Wednesday night. Act two will be tweeted tonight (Thursday) at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT so go follow Joe at (@BaronDestructo)!

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It looks like Joe will be tweeting snippets of Dark Matter 401 for an undisclosed amount of time. Don’t miss it!

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