Krypton Episode 109: “Hope” Review

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Hope is Abound

Krypton is in full swing and with Hope being the penultimate episode of Season 1 they are ramping it up.  Seg and Nyssa find themselves pitted against Lyta and Dru in the race for Doomsday.  The team up is interesting and I liked when even Nyssa pointed out the irony in the fact that Lyta was the one who betrayed Seg.  I know that the Els and the Zods supposed to be at odds with each other, but I’m surprised that they had it happen so quickly.  Now that we have discovered that Dur is actually Lyta and Seg’s son that poses a lot of questions.  Again, I am not versed in Superman at all so I don’t know how that works in the Superman lore.  So Zod is related to Superman?  Can someone answer this for me!

Hope Krypton

KRYPTON — “Hope” Episode 109 — Pictured: Georgina Campbell as Lyta-Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)


There is a lot of conflict in this episode.  Lyta and Jayna is probably the biggest surprise.  The fact that Lyta was angry at Jayna for choosing family over state sort of confused me.  Then later on, Lyta did the same thing by choosing family over honor when she shot her mom!  I can’t believe she did that.  Why would she have interfered with a time-honored tradition for a man she barely knows?  Sure, he’s her son, but that really doesn’t matter.

That’s another thing I have an issue with.  Why are Seg and Lyta so willing to trust Zod and throw Adam to the side?  I understand that he withheld information, but seriously, this random dude shows up who was a part of Black Zero and they’re just like “oh, yeah ok you’re credible and trustworthy?”  Maybe the fact he’s a Zod is why Lyta is so willing, but I’m curious to see whether or not he’ll turn on them.

This show has really grown on me; my first review was rough and nitpicky, but as the show has come into its own it has gotten a lot better.  Seg has especially grown on me.  At first I was completely annoyed by him as a character, I thought he was too “coincidental” and just boring.  The writers definitely did a good job of changing my mind.  He has grown already as a character in just one season, which tells a lot about the potential of this show moving forward.  He actually appears to have a purpose and he has decided to actually take his role on Kandor seriously.

KRYPTON — “Hope” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)


I almost said that I couldn’t believe that Daron-Vex would betray Nyssa-Vex like that, but you know what, forget that, yes I can.  He is such a freaking coward.  He has absolutely no honor and no one can trust him.  It is crazy that he betrays even his own flesh and blood.  Despicable.  I’m interested to see whether or not Jax-Ur is Nyssa’s mom.  The relationship between her and Daron makes it seem likely.  She knows so much about their operation, I want to know more about her back story.  I know that she was close with Val-El and was working hand-in-hand on the Genesis Chamber, but how deep does she go?  If she is Nyssa’s mom, does Nyssa not know?

I’m sad Adam was absent from Hope.  He’s such a great addition and he has such fun banter with everyone, it’s adds a new level to the show!  One of my favorite things about Krypton thus far is the fact that the entire cast seems so invested in it.  They all absolutely love the work they’ve put into it and every time you see one of them Tweet it’s nothing but love.  They’re all really educated when it comes to the comics too, which is amazing to see!

I’m very excited to see what the season finale brings!  Brainiac showing up at the end was chilling.  He looks so fantastic, it’s incredible.  With the shield down and Kandor defenseless is it going to be a piece of cake for him to take over?  How will Seg and Nyssa defeat him and will Lyta and Dur decide to team back up?  Of course, let’s not forget about Jayna and that mystery man!  I can’t wait for next week!


Tune into the Season Finale of Krypton May 23rd on SyFy 10/9C!

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