Syfy Cancels “The Expanse”, Alcon Shops It

By: Robert Prentice
Amazon syfy The Expanse

Sad news for fans of The Expanse, as Syfy has decided not to continue with the show after its third season. The announcement came as the newest season of the show was only a few episodes in. Fans of the show were upset but not surprised given the networks track record with similar shows. Last years big cancellation was Dark Matter and fans rallied heavily to save that show. To date it still does not have a home. That has not stopped creator Joe Mallozzi from posting what would have been story material for the next season of Dark Matter on Twitter.

When we reached out to Syfy about the cancellation, they confirmed previous reports regarding licensing restrictions that had with The Expanse. Syfy’s license only gave the network rights to the first run linear TV air in the US. This meant that live, linear viewing is was the focus of success for the show. Amazon (US) and Netflix (International) gained all the benefits from streaming.

I miss the days of “Imagine Greater” when the network was a staple for science fiction shows like Battlestar Galactica, Defiance, Warehouse 13, and Eureka. As a fan I too am disappointed by all shows lost on the network. After going to the Syfy press tour several years back in Orlando, I was hopeful that the new approach would lead to more core shows and less reality TV. The network has struggled with non-syfy produced licenses, while having a bit more success with network owned shows.

When asked if they would re-think how they negotiated licenses in the future, Syfy stated that the license for The Expanse was not their typical arrangement. Since The Expanse was not at Syfy owned production, they didn’t have full control over all methods of viewership. Syfy recently changed their slogan to “Its A Fan Thing” which has lead some to parody that statement over all the recent cancellations.

Syfy stated the decision to let The Expanse go was difficult for them. They were fans of the show as well. However, Syfy remains excited about their current lineup of network owned shows The Magicians, Happy!, the George RR Martin space thriller Nightflyers, graphic novel adaptation Deadly Class and hugely ambitious development projects such as the sci-fi classic Brave New World.

THE EXPANSE — “Immolation” Episode 306 — Pictured: Shawn Doyle as Secretary Errinwright — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

Fans are currently attempting to get Amazon, who currently has US streaming rights for The Expanse, to take on the show full time for a 4th season. Netflix is also a contender considering they have international streaming rights to the show. If you want to join in on helping save the show visit this trending topic on Twitter #SaveTheExpanse but most importantly continue watching the show LIVE if you can and on Amazon. The more you do, the more likely those networks are to pick it up.

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