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E3 Week is the Best Week

So many announcements, so much news, so much new game play! This is the SDCC of the video game world and yesterday’s Bethesda conference was the best! (In my personal opinion at least.) The much anticipated Fallout 76 news finally graced us with its presence (check out my thoughts on that here) and we got some super exciting original IP news as well.

The conference started off with a little bit of lackluster content, as most Bethesda conferences do. We got some news about the Elder Scrolls online; there are some new dungeons and more areas to explore. They announced exciting new DLC and apparently have many more plans for the future, if you’re interested in that click here! We also got news about Elder Scrolls: Legends and how it’s going to be available on console! Click here for more information about that!

Rage Brings It All

Starting out the conference with a performance by Andrew WK was super strange. It all made sense when they launched into their trailer for Rage 2! This game looks like fun. I hadn’t ever heard of Rage, so this was new to me when this dropped. It honestly looks like what I wanted the Mad Max video game to be though! It’s open world, brutal, and you can drive anything! I really dig the aesthetic and the fact that there are giant vehicle battles just makes it that much better. The game looks so pretty; rendering the world is something Bethesda has always done well. The trailer shows off a lot of different landscapes! It looks like there will be an endless supply of enemies to blow up and man, that boomerang thing he has looks legit. This trailer is great, I love the Bethesda touch of adding a random commercial in there. All we have as far as release date is Spring of 2019, so it is close-ish. I’m looking forward to trying it out though! I also loved the jab Pete Hines did at Walmart Canada for spoiling the game release! Check out the trailer below:

Bethesda VR

In today’s day and age VR is a popular thing and Bethesda has taken that knowledge and ran with it. They have been at the forefront, creating new and exciting games in VR. So far we have Fallout VR, Skyrim VR, and Doom VFR. The newest VR installment comes in the form of Prey! Based off of their already popular game, this new mode gives the mimics the ability to transform into everyday household items and attack you when you’re least expecting it! Imagine that jump scare when you’re in VR! Another new VR treat is that you get to solve puzzles and walk through the new environment that is introduced in the new Prey DLC, Mooncrash. Learn more about that DLC here.

The next announcement is Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. Though we didn’t get to see any gameplay, I have a feeling this one is going to be a lot of fun. You get to play as a hacker that infiltrates Nazi robots and uses them to kill Nazis. How freaking awesome does that sound? You get to become part of the Resistance and help save Paris from the Nazi Regime. I am planning on picking this one up for sure! Here’s the information about both VR titles I talked about from Bethesda!

The Ever-Changing World of Mobile

Bethesda is at it again with their technological advances. They’re no strangers to mobile gaming, Fallout Shelter for example, but what they’re doing with The Elder Scrolls: Blades is like nothing before. It’s an open world running graphics that look as good as a console (from the trailer they showed, who knows what it’ll look like on an actual mobile phone), that seems impossible! Not to mention the fact that it’s free to play, they’re crazy! I signed up for the BETA, so when that drops I’ll be doing a little write up about that too. Here’s more info and where you can sign up for the BETA!

Also announced was Fallout Shelter coming to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch! Woo!

Give Us More

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an exciting sequel to the world of Wolfenstein. You get to play as one of the main character’s daughters in this one! The coolest part? You can play with a friend as twin sisters, which hopefully means they’re going to give us a couch co-op opportunity to do so. That would make me so happy!

DOOM Eternal is coming and people seem stoked. It looks great and it seems to include all of the amazing blood and gore that everyone expects from these games. Check the trailer here:


What I’m really excited for: a BRAND NEW IP from Bethesda that appears to be set in SPACE?! I have wanted a really good game set in space and it’s been something that is too hard to attain. Bethesda is going to make it happen. I want the open world exploration and the ability to craft and captain my own ship, plus the ability to recruit my own crew? Please make it happen! Give me Fallout 4 in space and I will be the happiest girl. I cannot wait to see where Starfield goes, I hope we get a solid date next E3, but my bet is on Fall 2019 for that one. Bethesda is always really good about getting their games out soon after announcing them, which I appreciate!

The last little kicker at the end of the conference was the announcement of the new Elder Scrolls game! They didn’t give us any information as to where it is located or what it will be about. Regardless I can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since Skyrim came out. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago, but time keeps moving. It was hilarious that Bethesda made that trailer for the “Very Special Edition” and to be honest after that I didn’t think we were going to get any Elder Scrolls news after that! Surprise! Way to go out with a bang, like Bethesda does!

Wrapping Up

Pete Hines was incredibly witty throughout the conference and I love that they were able to poke fun at themselves the whole time. There were so many great announcements and I think the future of Bethesda games is looking very bright. With major releases in the works and the most exciting announcement of Fallout 76 (check out our coverage here) I think we’re gearing up for some of the best video games in years. I’m excited for the rest of E3, be sure to stay tuned for more coverage!

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