My Hero Academia Season 2 Part 2 – Review

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My Hero Academia – Our young heroes start their first internships with real pros! Put on blast by some serious training, Deku will see how far he can push his new skills when a classmate gets cornered by Hero Killer: Stain. The fight leaves a lasting impression before Class 1-A goes back to the grind for final exams. Setting aside rivalries, the students face their toughest opponents yet—their teachers.

The Review

Now that the students have shown themselves off in front of the world, it is time for them to pick their hero names. The second half of season 2 starts off on a light note as we transition to the next intense arc of the series. The fun episode of picking their name results in a lot of laughs, most especially from Bakugo who can’t seem to accept that “King Explosion Murder” is a bit too rough of a name. It comes as no surprise that Izuku picks Deku. At first the students question that because they know that name is used by Bakugo to make fun of him. But Izuku learned it could have another meaning, that of a hero.

With their names chosen, the students begin their internships with Pro agencies. At first Deku had none. Even with as strong as he came off in the festival, the fact that he injures himself so bad by using his quirk was a quick turn off. However, he finally gets on at the last minute but its not one he has heard of, but All Might has. Gran Torino was the friend and mentor to All Might. The idea that he is interested in Izuku freaks All Might out.

During his internship with Gran Torino, Izuku quickly learns how to use his quirk would hurting himself every time. Torino plays senile at first as he tries to assess Izuku’s strength and weakness. It is clear he has strong analytical skills but still doesn’t have a firm grip on how his power works. In the few days of the internship Izuku learns a lot. When heading into the city to do some night patrolling their train is suddenly stopped by a nomu attack. The league of villains is at it again.

Izuku quickly remembers that they are in the same city as Ilda went for his internship. Although Gran Torino told him to stay put he couldn’t not go look for him. On the other side of town we find that Ilda found what he was looking for in the city, The hero killer Stain. Having another hero nearly dead already, Ilda stepped in to try and take him down for what he did to his brother. However, he quickly learns how powerless he is against him. Stains quirk works once he tastes your blood and immobilizes you.

Just before he was going to kill Ilda, Izuku finds them and steps in with a smash hit on Stain. Before running off, he texted a vague message out to his friends of where he was, and Shoto got it and decided to follow it knowing that Izuku must be in trouble. Together Shoto, and Izuku put up a fight against Stain that he has a hard time keeping up with. Stain deems that All Might is worthy and the rest are fakes. Though in the end, Stain acknowledges Deku as worthy. With Ildas help all 3 of them take down Stain. However, this fact is quickly swept under the rug and Endeavor takes the credit. This is because the students are not yet licensed to use their quirks to harm villains. Even with that, the police chief thanks them for their help.

You would think after all the excitement of the sports festival arc that this arc would be tame in comparison but it was anything but that. Tight groups of friends are forming from this, which includes Shoto, Ilda and Izuku who now share this secret. We also get a glimpse of the internships for the other students and Bakugo’s had to be the most entertaining of the group. Best Jeanist tried his best to tame the wild Bakugo but he didn’t have much luck with that. Still, the normal hair style for Bakugo was just weird and funny to see.

As the second season wrapped out, the students had their final exam’s. Only this time they were facing their teachers! And leave it to Aizawa to pick teams that he know would be next to impossible to work together. Yet that was the point, he did this to help teach the students how to work on their weaknesses. Not only partner them up with someone who doesn’t work well with their own quirk but with a teacher whose quirk is a massive disadvantage for them. So it came as no surprise when we saw Shoto and Yaoyorozu partnered up, and Bakugo with Izuku.

We talk about Bakugo and Izuku a lot, but the other characters are getting a ton of character building which I love. That is one thing about this series that is so much fun. We get to learn about and enjoy more than just a few main characters. You actually care about and want to see the others in action throughout the series. Still I think the one relationship I really want to see fixed is Bakugo and Izuku. We see some progress in this final exam, albeit small. Kirishima seems to have formed the best bond with Bakugo and seems to understand how smart Bakugo actually is, like Izuku does, even when he doesn’t show it.

The season wraps up with an encounter between Izuku and Tomura at the mall. Deku is on everyones radar now that Stain has accepted him as a true hero. Stain’s message has gotten out and now villains are coming out of the shadows to take action against hero’s.

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